Blockchains, And Not Chains.

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The U.S. Government wants to control cryptocurrency for the ostensible
reason that they need to fight money laundering, and drug dealing.
Let's, for a moment, examine this, and see it for the lie that it is.
Cryptocurrency allows for more freedom of transaction to everyone,
and not just the protected transactions of governments and big money.

The governments and banks are known to be the largest launderers of
money and the most prolific purveyors of drugs. They are the ones
with the most money to launder and the greatest ability to limit drug
dealing competition, so this seems to follow. As John Dillinger said,
when asked why he robs banks, “Because that is where the money is.”
and from William K. Black, “The best way to rob a bank is to own one.”

We the People are the ones allowing this to happen, as it could not
possibly be accomplished without, at least, our tacit approval. We must
make the effort to understand how things really work so we can make
choices that will build a better world in which every disparate individual
can exercise their liberties.

Illegal Drugs Laundered through Wall Street or Economic Collapse


Here is a little more detail of the broad spectrum of how the discussion
in this post relates to many other areas of life. The knowledge is in the
patterns of the dynamics of how the natural world works.

Catherine Austin Fitts


Fortunately for the people and unfortunately for the governments:
cryptocurrencies cannot be controlled
this is why the various governments are afraid of them
The more a government is steeling from the people -the more they are against cryptocurrencies - look at Venezuela - they are terrified of the cryptocurrencies and their are other examples ...but other have understood that this is a fact and instead of fighting it they are, kind of, joining .
cryptocurrencies are a game changer of the entire money market and transactions markets and we are only in the beginning

Make no mistake, they can be controlled, and they will be. It is just far more difficult to control. I wrote an article about it, please check it out.

@lifeworship is right, we the people must all make an effort to advance ourselves and thus the world. It starts with the population learning about what money is and to truly understand why our current money system is faulty, unsustainable, and parasitic in nature to the masses by those in control of it.

I have to agree there, but we can print billions and then just tighten the budget :| whatever that means, which actually has nothing to do with real world problems, we don't care about that, we overlook them and throw more money to get people to do something other than think :D

i see ...interesting ...why am i not able to resteem it? ..there is no resteem button

It is more than 7 days old.

The only way around this is for The People to take control of their own lives and dispose of those who wish to control them by any and all means possible.

And I'll write how to do just that, and I just have written how it works! ;)

Economic Collapsed with QE3. A new system start with QE4 with integrated block chain system.

Thank you for your comment.

I will have to look into that.

Financial Independence is the Key to sustainability in the current system.

"We the People are the ones allowing this to happen, as it could not possibly be accomplished without, at least, our tacit approval."

Excellent observation. All too true.



Thank you for your comment and support.

I find it useful to never forget that we, each and every one of us, are morally responsible for the actions we take, and the world in which we live, within the parameters of our abilities.

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