THE TRUTH Needs To Be Seen & Heard.

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Unfortunately the following post is only visible on Steempeak.

As a person who believes in freedom of speech and freedom of expression, I can't help but share this link to the post (on Steempeak) so that it is seen by one and all.

It is a sad day when freedom is tread on and supported by some out there who claim to uphold it.

Such is life.

As for the post, you will see what is happening and what was meant by "securing the blockchain".

PS. Looks like the post has been approved by someone at Stinc after reviewing it. Never have I seen posts not available on the steemit website for so long. Welcome to the world of a totalitarian regime.

Steem is obviously DEAD.

Read more:
Competency | SteemPeak
` Encountered block num collision at block 41812326 due to a fork, witnesses are: [["","2020-03-20T08:38:03"],... by emrebeyler


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