Jail for reporting - Tommy Robinson in prison for reporting about grooming gang's

in #freedom3 years ago (edited)

Tommy Robinson has been arrested for reporting on grooming gangs in front of a court building in the UK.
He made a live stream on Facebook who he try to intercept muslim grooming gang members in front of the court.
Grooming gangs are groups or single persons who rape childs and young women's.
That is currently a big problem in the UK and in whole Europe which is played down by the big news providers and the politics.
Some time later the UK police arrested him while the live stream on the same spot.
According to some Youtube videos and news site he is condemned to 13 Month detention in jail for breaching the peace on the same day.

Police - c Facebook.JPG
(source: Facebook)

Tommy Robinson is a libertarian journalist which makes Youtube Videos, Blogs and Livestreams.
In the recent past he makes a lot of Reports to the refugees crisis in europe.
The established media try to put up him as right extreme twit, but that accusations are far fetched and not true.

Today (05-27-2018) there was a big protest in front of the residence of Theresa May in the UK.
Some news site speak about 100 - 200 protester, but a lot of Twitter and Facebook posts mention 1000 - 2000 protester.
On current pictures you definitely can see a lot of more people.
But a frightening fact is, that the established media in UK and in the whole world don't report this situation or the arrest of Tommy Robinson yesterday.

Protest - c Twitter (Free Tommy Robinson).JPG
(source: twitter Free Tommy Robinson!)

I write this post, because i think that a Situation like this need to be make puplic.
In the following i place several links, where you can found more informations about this incident.

Grooming gang's: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/grooming-gangs-asian-muslim-across-country-uk-girls-children-women-bradford-rotherham-newcastle-a7987381.html

Free Tommy Robinson: https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-free-tommy-robinson

Protest: https://politicaluk.com/2018/05/media-silence-as-thousands-protest-tommy-robinson-arrest-outside-downing-st/


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