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RE: Society: "Be yourself." Society: "No, not like that"

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Freedom is defined very differently depending on who is describing it. I prefer to stick with individual liberty instead. From what you wrote, you seem to be a liberty lover. I'm curious where you stand more specifically though related to government and voluntaryism. Are you an anarchist or voluntaryist? If those terms don't work for you, perhaps just expand on the idea from your perspective.


I agree, freedom is defined differently with everyone and can mean very different things. I really have not labelled myself as any of those things, as I have just been learning the definition of each of them over the past couple of months. So I don't really know exactly what category I'd fall under. And to be honest, I didn't even realize there were so many others feeling the pull towards that kind of freedom. It has opened my perspective (and maybe has justified my beliefs even that much more, that it's possible)

The freedom I speak of, comes from a deep down longing desire to feel free and not dictated to. I am sensitive to seeing around me, the amount of influence that drives the people of society. I've spend many years myself, trying to fit into a box, it just doesn't work for me.

Overtime, I have lost faith in government systems. They seem so old-school, outdated and ineffective. I think they are doing more damage than good. I think they have created unnecessary fear that keeps people in-line.

The whole idea of what we are "suppose" to do or what we "should" do, really gets me.

I am a very intuitive person and freedom is a core desire in my world. Call me a rebel, I just don't like following the

I think as humans though, we are hard wired to be followers on some level, so even in a more free world, influences will still play a part, but it would nice to see there be more freedom of choice and options as to what kind of leadership/influence it could be and without the rules.

I thank you for the detailed response. It is very helpful. I too believe there will always be leaders and leadership. The key difference is that people will voluntarily elect and follow those people. They will not be above the law, given special rights, or protected by double standards.

Go to any crowded place, and look at the people there. That's anarchy. Almost everyone seeks peaceful and voluntary interaction with other humans. It is what most people desire. The few predators among us who do not can easily be dealt with without creating a system that they naturally gravitate towards.

Then they use that system to rule over everyone and abuse them.

Interesting discussion, I will love to take part if you let me in...
There are some points I want to bring:
1- As described in “The story of Stuff” it was a moment in recent history where States (Goverments) flipped from serve people (who vote them) to Multinational enterprises interests (who get the 51% of the world money and power).
2- Those labels you wrote in the first comment are that, lables. Most of them created by the system itself (and the monky mind) to categorize all of us. I agree it’s convenient to have words and labels to communicate between ourselves but is dangerous as “definition of self”. That was one of the points of the article itself...
3 - Leadershipping and Anarchy aren’t opposite (maybe you don’t tried to say that and i lost myself in translation being spanish guy and english language far from my native tongue) due in fact it requires a true leadershipping of your own self to be truly “anarchist”. I’m not talking in the way society “labels” it (hollywood directly describes it as terrorism), I’m talking in the way Thoreau describes it in books like Walden.
Romantic and wild, could be... but in any case a self empowering job of taking care of yourself and reponsability of your decisions, acts, words, feels...

So I don’t care how others label me and try to avoid even labels about myself and say “Here are my two hands, my heart and soul. How can I express myself completely honest and what can I bring to the Life as improvement”*
That’s it.

*Personal lifecation of Bruce Lee teachings extracted from “The Lost interview”

Agreed! Leadership is very different from being a ruler. I agree about the labels issue too. It seems too many different definitions apply to the same words too, so it is better to explain our motivations and end objectives instead. My objective is to defend and further individual liberty as much as possible.

Yeah I followed you after check few comments and searching articles in your blog. I found your POV very interesting. Can you suggest me any post about the topics you explained? I’m still new to the platform and I find hard to understand about “reestemed” post and how to read something yours... and I will love to learn more!
Thanks for positive chat :)

Most people do not watch their feeds, so honestly having something resteemed doesn't help much. I used to think it was pretty valuable, but it just doesn't help as much as you'd think. Once you are over about 100 followed, your feed is a mess. It's impossible to look through it.

I use GINAbot instead to look for key words. That way I do not miss the content I really want to see. Then I can interact with those authors and in those conversations to engage people better. It's the best way to find friends and people with similar interests too.

First of all thanks for your advice. Really appreciated and “mess” describe quite well how my feed (with near 20 people) is becoming to feel...
I supose GINAbot is for desktop? I have some troubles ATM... I use mainly iPad as computer after sold my mac mini 2 years ago (aprox) and even I tried to use steemit on old core2duo laptop I managed... it works junk with win7 (I need to try again with linux) but truly PITA to set a working “publisher” machine. I will need to add somekind of search solution like GINAbot... I see...
I was wondering why nobody made a blog with curating other blogs and adding somekind of review like old tv shows (like MTV) or News... it will require a bit of work but if we manage to work as grouped blogs maybe we can distribute topics or similar (somekind of planned publishing to make things more user friendly)
Anyways I have a lot to learn so I will look into GINAbot as you adviced me.
Thanks once again @finnian!

GINAbot takes 5 minutes to setup. It is on discord, and discord works on Macs, PC's, and smart phones. :)

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