New To Steemit - Allow Me To Introduce Myself!

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Hi! My name is Marcus Clayton  and I just wanted to introduce myself to this community. I am a full-time internet marketer  who found out about this community on Youtube. Even though my primary reason of being online is not for the social aspects, but instead as a way to make money from the comfort of my own home, I think this community will be a good place to share my thought and possibly make some extra money at the same time.

The reason I became an internet marketer is because I grew tired of working 60 -70 hours  a week for people and companies who truly do not value their employees and people. Instead they see us as assets that can easily be replaced.

I have been working from home for the past 3 years and even though I am not making millions of dollars online, I have found the freedom that comes with being self employed is even more valuable than the money that I can make by working for other people.

I will leave this introduction with just simple advice...

"Find Your Freedom!"


Well, you did it now @dtopmark. In a couple days you should be completely addicted to steemit. Welcome to the community. Just jump right in and comment on post that interest you and get your name out there. I will follow you best I can.

Thanks. I will follow you in return.

Welcome. Nice to meet. Up voted and up voting my blogs will be appreciated.
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Welcome to SteemIt, I hope you enjoy your steemy adventure here!

Welcome, looking forward to your content.

Welcome to Steemit @dtopmark!