State Officials Order Man To Stop Sheltering Homeless People In His Basement During Storm

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Last week there were millions of Americans who were under some variety of severe weather warnings or advisory relating to the winter storm that's brought snow, ice, and flooding to many. More than 10 million people last week were facing blizzard warnings and the East Coast saw a hefty amount of snowfall.

Some areas have seen as much as 45cm of snow and it worsened to the point of schools and offices being closed, along with bridges and transportation systems. Rhode Island allegedly saw snow falling at a rate of about 7.5cm every hour. And some regions saw gusts of wind that reached roughly 113km an hour.

Emergency officials warned folks that if they didn't have a pressing need to travel that they should stay off the streets. And the storm ended-up causing damage to a number of different areas, many people ended-up trapped in their cars or homes. Some even lost their lives, with at least 20 deaths so far that have been reported, allegedly linked to the cold weather. At least 3 people were reported killed after their cars ran off the roads in North Carolina.

Tens of thousands of power outages

Meant that many people were struggling to find a way to keep warm in the storm. And at least 100 different warming centers were opened across at least 34 different towns in Connecticut. At least 4,900 flights had to be canceled, along with rail service and some sailings.

Trying To Help The Homeless

In Chicago, the southern region there has been looking at below freezing temperatures and wind speeds that could reach between 10-25mph.

And one man from Illinois, Greg Schiller, was thinking about how he could help those who might need it the most during the last few weeks of the winter storm.

His solution to how he could help?

He opened up his home to homeless people in his community. He allowed them to sleep in his basement overnight so that they wouldn't freeze to death, so they'd have a warm place to sleep at night.

Deciding Who Can Spend The Night At Your Own Home

The state has now sought to punish Schiller for his act of kindness. Insisting that he violated a plethora of regulations. After all, they're just looking out for our best interest, right? I guess in this case, they would have rather him allow those homeless people to sleep on the cold streets.

They said that Schiller was in violation of a variety of municipal regulations including fire-safety requirements.

To get to know a little more about Schiller, well he's 53 years old and he's a mechanic for a living. He's also the managing director of the Light in the Darkness Ministry and helping the homeless is apparently a very deep passion of his, fueled by his faith. Schiller helped to found a nonprofit group that is known as Matthew 25:40 which reads that "..whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

On more than one occasion he has sought to help the homeless and allowed them to sleep in his basement on cots whenever the area has faced cold temperatures, below 15 degrees. Not only does he give them a warm place to rest but he also provides them with meals and hot drinks. He even shows them movies and on average would have about 10 people who stayed the night. Schiller has referred to those who stayed with him as his friends.

Does He Have A Right To Be A Good Samaritan?

Schiller says that he wasn't trying to run any underground homeless shelter, but that he was simply opening up his home in a time of emergency to help those in his community who might need it.

After his story received some attention, city officials have since sought to try and work together with Schiller and Schiller has allegedly dropped his plans to sue the municipality. He says that he respects the city codes, but admits he thinks that they could've used a little more discretion and grace in this matter.

And unfortunately his story isn't that unique, because we hear about these stories on numerous occasions, where people try to help one another and get punished for it by the state. Whether it's providing a warm place to sleep at night or giving someone a meal to eat etc, it shouldn't be the responsibility of the government to initiate violence against people who are engaging in a peaceful and voluntary exchange; trying to help one another.

Julio Cortez/Associated Press via The Star
CBS Boston
Charles Krupa/The Associated Press


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The police state city council in my town voted down to open the massive hardly used military (federal) training and indoor storage centre (20,000 sq feet) last week to open as an emergency shelter.

We have had 3 solid weeks of -23C (around - 40F) weather here which is unusual ( another story) here - damaging pipes underground, all kinds of nonsense.

I hate my city government so much for their lack of policy work that makes sense in any way. You wonder why I spoke out or ran for council all this years.

That is good reason.

The government is threatened by people that help each other because some people might just realize that we don't need the government to solve all of our problems. They need us to think that we need them.

We don't.

I agree. They want us dependent on them, when in fact we don't need them at all.

government is insane.

planned insanity. for those in power it's what @canadianrenegade said, for the slaves that carry out the orders it's the illusion of power

It is an incredible story; be punished for helping others. Definitely we have to make laws to control the laws. I upvoted anf follow you. Greetings

excellent material dear friend @doitvoluntarily, many times you want to help people, such as offering a plate of meals, but there are regulations that do not allow to be in solidarity, to pass in all countries of the world, I have heard many stories of these natures, People who want to do good, end up in a big dilemma, now the question is how should we act in these cases? Do you have to be different and let people lose their lives?
Thank you very much for sharing this information
I wish you a great day

So sad when the city even considered hasseling him in a time of emergency!

Hopefully it will be worked out! So wonderful to hear about someone truly putting his faith in action!

I'll be watching the story myself to see what happens!


Upvoted and resteemed!

Such a great thing this man is doing to help out the homeless in this time of need, he shouldn't be punished for that. Bad move on the authorities part, have a heart... Great post

That's crazy. Fire regulations. Given the choice, I'm sure the homeless people would've been happy to take their chances of fire over freezing to death outside. Jeez.

What a beautiful human being Greg Schiller! I am hoping for more people like him: we grow into better humans when we help others.

That's really sad. They should make the government accountable for not taking care of the people on the streets. It's not easy to survive on the street with those conditions. It's almost certain that one wil die. So maybe if a good lawyer makes a case about it and brings justice that the government is responsible for the deaths of those people or not wanting to help them.
It should be severely punishable to punish a man who's trying to help another man in need...

These freak weather patterns are only going to get worse. How is it even possible to make it illegal to open your own damn home to someone in need. What are they wanting, more and more needy and less and less to lend a hand? What other result can there be? I sure hope he's going to be okay. Shining a light on this type of story and having the public aware, seems to still have some results. Great work! Be safe, be well.

We should treat homeless people the same way they treat us!
Please take a look at This video and you would understand.

Thank you!

Haha now that's a twist

I don't want to make excuses for not helping out homeless people, in instances where the temps are this freezing cold outside one call to the police and they will come and pick up the homeless if needed and find a shelter to place them in. The problem here is that it only takes one person to sue the city if they become sick or ill from staying somewhere that the city was made aware of through a complaint of a neighbor or if several people die in a fire while occupying a dwelling the city received a complaint on. This also opens up the person to personal liability also but it isn't often that you hear of someone putting themselves at risk to save others from risk which is a kudos to him. The fact remains the same though and that is if the city was trying to enforce code it's because they became aware of a violation, to ignore the violation put the city at risk of being sued for millions if something went wrong. Sad but we live in a sue happy society.

This is the best post on Steemit. I gave you a vote now, ya heard?

I understand now why american people don't like snow too much
its so different for us , great post thanks

Absolutely you are right.. we should treat homeless same as ourselves..

Now-a-days everyone sees evil in even the kindest of gestures. Humanity isn't going the right direction.. Every day we stray further!!
Upvoted and resteemed man. Situations like this have to be shared.

God will reward him for being A Good Samaritan. He will also lift him up for the crap that he has endured from the state. God is good. He shelters us from our storms in life. Why should we not do the same for others?

I'll share this around and can't wait for the lemmings to make excuses for the government.

Does He Have A Right To Be A Good Samaritan?

The fact that this is even a question tells us everything about the runaway power that these self important bureaucrat monsters now have. Basic human decency now needs to be codified and regulated? dafuq... argghhh.

Man this storm has caused the most damage in 2017 never before has California seen anything like this as well!

Wow. That is terrible and it really makes me sick to tell you the truth. The government always tries to be the hero. I guess by their law, it's OK to let a person die and not help them out.
Thanks for sharing this story with us, I really wasn't expecting that or that there is a law of city code for not helping the homeless or anyone in need.

The government doesn't care about anybody. Sometimes it really makes me sick to my stomach.

Somehow strange rule.. I dont think that ppl should punish rather they should be rewarded so othet peopl might get some good example

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