It Isn't About Your Safety

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Denying personal freedom doesn't foster safety...

Though, quite often we are told to give up personal liberty for some false sense of security. Governments around the world perpetuate the narrative that they're interested in promoting safety and security for all. But when you examine their activities, you find that often they bring about the opposite.

They degrade personal liberty with their actions and have no business making promises in the first place, about safety or security, that they cannot keep.

The people have long been sold out to central banks and monetary rulers, who have an affinity for intervention. While officials claim to be interested in the well-being of the people, their "safety" being the justification for various interventions, they continue to operate with a monetary policy that achieves the opposite of that. Central banks intervene in the market and by doing so they have eroded purchasing power for the people, in-turn making life harder for them on a daily basis.

They also jeopardize the future for millions, by pushing a system of monetary heroin that's now built up a worldwide fiat credit pyramid that some warn will eventually come crashing down.

The banking cartel system, as its described by some, that we have today in many ways makes life more difficult for Americans and for millions worldwide. When you make living more difficult for people, so that they need to further strain in order to get what they need, how does that promote their safety?

When your purchasing power or savings have been lost over misguided and arguably corrupt monetary policies, that's hardly an example of an organization that's promoting security or well-being.

Money should come into existence in a natural way, through trial and error the people decide for themselves what's convenient and what works best for them to satisfy their exchanges with one another. It shouldn't come into existence through some government edict that declares it so.

We are told that we need our personal liberty to be infringed because it's necessary to keep us safe. However, consider the many military conflicts that are ongoing worldwide. And how in many ways this fosters blow-back and destroys communities and families. When an organization places you in danger, can they be promoting your safety at the same time?

The war on drugs also promotes violence and denies personal freedom and potential healing to people who need it. When a child is left to suffer with daily seizures, because authorities don't approve of the natural substance that their parents want to give them, that doesn't sound like it's promoting their safety and well-being. When people are harassed and fined, locked in a cage for engaging in peaceful and non-violent behavior, that doesn't support any security or freedom for them.

The endless sea of regulations that have been established over the years are also working effectively to keep people down, keep them out of the market and trying to better their lives in a variety of ways. More than promoting any safety, they often foster high prices, low quality services, and market monopolies.

These are just a few of the ways that governments engage in activities that pose a threat to the safety of the people that they claim they are looking out to protect. Not only can they not keep their promises of safety but they actively work to bring about the opposite result, they foster a more dangerous environment for the people in a myriad of ways.



I support the elimination of certain freedoms like the freedom to murder but we need to get a lot of freedoms back and reduce government spending.

I think acknowledging a non-agression principal could be very effective to parse out the things that everyone would consent be done unto them and government intervention could occur in instances where a person's freedom, like the freedom to live/not be murdered, are infringed upon. Anticipatory actions to stop crime before it happens often leads to innocent victims anyway.

Hi! There’s no such thing as “freedom to murder”. Freedom cannot infringe upon itself any more than gravity can infringe upon itself. Think of freedom in the aggregate - there is only one freedom being parcelled out to everyone.

If my freedom were to infinge upon yours, that action would be denying freedom, reducing it in the aggregate; it would essentially become “non-freedom”. A thing cannot be both “A” and “not A” at the same time. So murdering is not actually a freedom.

Where my freedom would impose upon yours, my freedom ends. Not before, not after, but precisely there. This is the natural limit on freedom. Man cannot limit freedom morally.

There can be under real anarchy.

Ok, so you didn't understand the argument. Murder is not a freedom, it's an act of violation, which is an anti-freedom act, a non-freedom, because it violates freedom. A freedom cannot violate freedom, that makes no sense. Just because you're able to do something doesn't make it a freedom. Saying you're against certain "freedoms", like murder, is the same as saying you're against certain acts of "love", like rape. It's just not that.

What you're calling "freedom" is merely ability. And what's the difference between the ability to commit murder with governmental law or without it? Nothing. People commit murder all the time now. With law, if you commit murder, a group of people with guns will attempt to hunt you down, and in a free society, people can still do that.

The only difference is words on paper in an office in Washington. Anarchy doesn't mean there are no consequences for one's actions - natural law enacts consequences through other people, just like man's law does.

"Violations" can happen under anarchy or government.

Um... yeah, that's not even close to an intelligent, relevant response to what was said. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your "search" is far from over.

Great analysis. As a black person things can be a catch 22. Communication is the key to waking people up. More discussion is needed, not more censorship. Look forward to more posts @doitvoluntarily


I think that the safety somentimes is subjective, sometimes what is safe for one person may not be for another, every person is looking for his wellness. But i agree whit you about the way to see it. I liked your publication

most of the time it goes back to money and control. Thanks @doitvoluntarily

I'm researching on how to become less dependent on Federal Reserve bank notes, while at the same time working to become better at managing money.

From my understanding now, bank notes and money are different. Bank notes are either debt or a symbol of debt while money can be any number of things including dollars (if used correctly and not for debt), crypto-currencies, silver, gold and more. True fungible assets instead of promises based on debt.

It's difficult to figure out a path through all of this.

You're on the right track. While bank notes can, as you pointed out, be money if they're not issued as debt instruments, the fiat issued by governments now does not function as money precisely because it is a debt instrument. It is totally useless as a store of value.

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Much of infringing our own freedom is in the fact that power is placed in people, they gain a lot from the failure of another, they gain a lot, only humble and hard-working thinking gives us freedom in every space and time as long as we are and participate in this earth.

Verdad que parece un lugar muy seguro para resguardar nuestro dinero @doitvoluntarily

I love your posting I appreciate your work on steemit platform
You are great person great thinking


Especially today many people would do everything to get the feeling of being safe! It doesn't always mean that what's safe for you is safe for another person too - I would say that this always depends on who you are & I think everyone has a different point of view when it comes to safety. Thanks for sharing :)

What are you talking about, of course government thuggery is for your safety.

Just look at cannabis, it's so bad and dangerous that the government needs to kick down your door, break your windows, raid your home, send several armed thugs, point guns at your face, shoot your dog, shoot you if you've got dark skin, forcibly restrain you, fine you, charge you with a crime, and lock you up for a victimless non-violent offense, all to keep you safe from the dangers of the devils lettuce. It's for your own good dontcha know. If people were allowed to grow their own medicine it would be bad for big business and the economy because you're basically stealing money from those caring helpful folks working for Big-Pharma. And you don't want people getting the giggles or mad munchies from smoking all that weed, it would lead to the downfall of society.

aqui estoy viendo su trabajo, bonitas imagenes, saludos

Modern day psychological slavery, the physical one didn't work very well so now they've moved on to enslaving our minds by feeding us false promises of how liberty cannot guarantee security but they can. "Sure liberty doesn't guarantee safety, nothing in this world can however the fact that you can makes me laugh." - To hidden oppressors.

My dear brother @doitvoluntarily is right, the governments proclaim that they work for our personal security, but all their policies are directed to the contrary. For example, governments use policies on the economic sector and this produces that the purchasing power is reduced every time, impoverishing more people.

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