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Great video as always! The conversations yall have are very entertaining. When Paul said "your planet of origin will go on your passport one of these days," that made me lol. It could be a possibility, especially with Mars coming in the near future! Also when you talk about the power of the mind and that lightning strike, the brain is a powerful tool. It's good to see yall are enjoying yourselves and making the most of the vacation :)

I agree with Paul in that our minds are always running, whether we're conscious or unconscious. We have the ability to recall.

I do think however when you meditate you can stop thinking and just appreciate nature, look at the water, the trees, and realize that everything is bigger than us.

We definitely have the ability to speak our thoughts into reality (even lightning bolts flashing lol).

Thanks for sharing.

@craig-grant get you some Lifestraws and you can drink water from just about any water source! Great Vid as Usual!

I hope to fill out "Planet of Origin" on an official form in my lifetime...

Man..You all actually get It

This was a cool post and live too. Happy Father's Day - Nothing ever goes like planned live. haha

Craig, i need a good software wallet. im just starting out. any thoughts?

You both are great...have a great day @craig-grant & Paul

great info Craig I wake up to you're info blogs on crypto and enjoy the I go I use ur codes on sha and eth minnig on Genesis every upgrade keep up the great bids and I go will b on bit connect soon thanks Craig

Website about establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars.
Interesting philosophy on time difference in space and on Earth.

Are you at a resort in Jamaica?