Let's go to Jamaica, Spiritual Being :)steemCreated with Sketch.

in freedom •  2 years ago 

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I've been to Jamaica once when I was a lot younger. It was a great experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts of being spiritual while being in Jamaica.


Missed you and your videos @craig-grant. The money maker is back :)

I'm packed. Heart and soul!

I have long dreamed of visiting Jamaica. Especially when I drink Jamaican rum :)

The more i watch your videos the more i like you. We could have a long talk on subjects like this. Interesting views you have. I would like to hear more of it. Cheers ! :-)

Alegria pura

Oh yeah baby, why not :P

When you are in a spiritual location and are aware of the spirits you will hear what others will not hear because you are tune into the voices. - Jamaca sounds good. -

@craig-grant thank you for your generosity and I hope one day I can invite you to another island called Dominica. It is the most natural and amazing island I have ever visited in the Caribbean. I understand your spiritual vibes because I had my own personnal experience back there; how many times I have said "only a dominican can understand that" So I totally understand your point of view and am sure Jamaïca is beautiful! I believe that without a strong sense of belonging we can't be Spiritual.

please ill follow you Jamaica ill really love to

Its difficult to experience "spiritual" energy unless you believe in the unseen that governs it all...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)
I miss this guy! Hehehe... you have connection to my friends @craig-grant about currenncy... soon ill be there with you also with @hiroyamagishi.