Inside Anarchapulco 2018: #13 (Video - 4 mins) -- Opening Video for Anarchapulco 2018 Conference. Really Good, Must Watch.

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Freedom and Liberty lovers gather yearly in Mexico for the biggest conference of its kind anywhere.

My goal is to search out some of the inside content, for / from people I do not see on Steemit and get it out there to spread the message of love and liberty and awareness.

I hope everyone enjoys this series, I am hoping to find a couple gems a day and get them up so people will have it on their radar.

I really just want to spread awareness of freedom and liberty, since for many years I have been targeted by the police state and related agencies for simply calling out government corruption, very publicly and very loudly.

Turns out they don't like that and really do use extorted tax dollars and intimidation, lies and everything else to silence those people.

People like US.


Today's Inside Info / Video:


Bonus Info:

What is Liberland?

Resources I have blogged on / made relating to the tiny Liberty focused MICRO-NATION:

A couple I have made up off my Facebook feed:

Resharing this, as this is bigger, precedent setting news than many are realizing I think. Honestly, I have said it a few times today!!! Many hours ago, people offline / other timezones missed this, I am hoping more people see it the 2nd time around here!

Your Friend in Liberty --- Barry


My path to Liberty and Crypto is with you guys.

We are all early adopters here, if you are even close to reading this today.

Be encouraged.

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Inside #Anarchapulco Series #13 - Showing some of the many many goings on since I could not be there. Conference Opening Speech by @DollarVigilante #JeffBerwick #Crypto etc. #Anarchapulco2018 #ACA2018 @Anarchapulco #Liberty #Freedom #CryptoCurrency


#Liberland Bonus info included for folks also.

one does not fight corruption by fighting corruption .