True World Order - 1835 Sovereign State in South Pacific as Model for the World!

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A fascinating and little understood document from 1835 provides many keys to unraveling the onslaught of the global reserve bank slavery system.

In 1835, at Waitangi, in what is now commonly known as New Zealand, or Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud, the Rangatira (hereditary chiefs) of the native hapu (tribes), given the common name "Maori" by the Europeans, proclaimed their Sovereign State. The document is the He wakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni, Proclamation of Sovereign State of the Hereditary Chiefs of Nu Tireni (note, not New Zealand as is commonly misrepresented).

1835 He Wakaputanga - Nu Tireni flag.jpg

King William of England provided the Rangaira (chiefs) their flag in 1834, as seen here, which was recognised as an ensign of a sovereign state and given a 21 gun salute by the British Navy.


While there are many translations of this document, which is usually mistakenly termed a "Declaration of Independence" (which it logically can't be as the Rangitira were already independent), here is an interpretation gleaned from years of discussion with current kaumatua (elders). Remember, that in the native tongue shall prevail, so this is an exercise in comprehension:

Proclamation of Sovereign State of Nu Tireni

  1. We, the hereditary chiefs of the peoples together of Nu Tireni down to Hauraki being assembled at Waitangi, at the Bay of Islands, on the 28th day of October, 1835, Proclaim the Sovereignty of our territory, which is hereby Constituted and Proclaimed to be of Sovereign State under the designation of the Congress of Hapu of Nu Tireni

  2. All Sovereign power and authority of the Congress of Nu Tireni is hereby Proclaimed to reside within the Territories entirely and exclusively in the hereditary chiefs in our collective capacity, who also Proclaim that we will not permit any legislative authority separate from ourselves in our collective capacity to exist, nor any function of Government to be exercised within the said territories, unless by persons appointed by us, and acting under the authority of laws regularly enacted by us in Congress assembled.

  3. The hereditary chiefs agree to gather in Congress at Waitangi in the Autumn of each year, for the purpose of framing laws, for the dispensation of Justice, the preservation of peace and good order, and the regulation of trade; and we cordially invite the Southern peoples to lay aside their private animosities and to consult the safety and welfare of our common country by joining the Congress of Nu Tireni.

  4. We also agree to send a copy of this Proclamation to his Majesty the King of England, to thank him for his acknowledgement of our flag; and in return for the friendship and protection we have shown, and are prepared to show, to such of his subjects as have settled in our land, or resorted to its shores for the purposes of trade, we entreat that he will continue to be the steward of our infant state and that he will become its Protector from all attempts upon its Sovereignty.

Agreed to unanimously on this 28 day of October, 1835, in the presence of His Britannic Majesty’s Resident.

(Here follows the signatures or marks of thirty-five Hereditary chiefs or Heads of tribes, which form a fair representation of the tribes of New Zealand from the North Cape to the latitude of the River Thames.)
English witnesses:
(Signed) Henry Williams, Missionary, C.M.S.
George Clarke, C.M.S.
James R. Clendon, Merchant.
Gilbert Mair, Merchant.

He wakaputanga 1835.jpg

Five years later this Sovereign State signed Te Tiriti O Waitangi, the Treaty of Waitangi, the gross mistranslations of which have overridden native rights and completely confused the picture. It was a granting of the privilege of governance to Queen Victoria, while preserving native rights and sovereignty, but is promoted as the Rangatira ceding their sovereignty, which the local corporate "Crown" (not the Westminster Crown treaty partner) has acknowledged they never did, but so what, too late now!

But that is a further story, because these documents still stand in international law.

Think of it like this, Nu Tireni is the sovereign state, Aotearoa are the islands, New Zealand is an administrative realm.

There is an awakening taking place!

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