Public Speaking, Nonviolent Communication, & the Rise of the Libertarians - Kokesh at LPMI

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What is the FREEDOM book all about?

I will never get tired of helping you @adamkokesh.
because I want a world of peace, anti-war and anti-starvation and all foams to live properly.

I ask permission ,,
do you allow me to promote you?
I've spread verita about you on facebook tweet whatapp even I also have made your post in steemit.

I hope you reply to my comments.

thank you very much @adamkokesh


I watched the video, it was about 18minutes long. It talk about freedom and distributing a particular freedom book to people inorder to enlighten them on the good things for the nation. Nice write up and good expression.

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I always support you.
even if you do not like me ,, i still support you @adamkokesh

Nice post my frends 👍

I always support you.
even if you do not like me ,, i still support you @adamkokesh

Amazing support freedome @adamkokesh

It's nice seeing someone really fighting for what they believe, in your case for freedom and I'm strongly with you because that type of people we need. Honest and with good intentions.
Have a nice day - @tonac

Good luck with the quest to free American for its present handlers.

@adamkokesh thanks for taking an initiative and fighting back for our liberty and freedom, I hope you best for your purpose in life and may God bless you for your safety from dealing with the Government, because the government is the problem.

Cool cool