Collectivist Mark Levin confronted by antiwar veteran!

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That's why Levin is dead wrong on his interventionist view: whether you know of a plan by Japan to attack Pearl Harbor or not, you cannot say for sure it will happen until it does. If it does, there should be a retaliation, but not before. If you apply Levin's thought process to the Cuban Missile Crisis, it would result in our first strike of a nuclear war. This type of dangerous thinking by Levin should be medically treated.

Levin is FAR from being a collectivist, he is a Constitutionalist. I doo not always agree with him, but first strike has been part of our miitary's plans for decades. Pearl Harbor is no nuke, so a bad comparison. What do you think will happen if the enemy sets of an EMP? Any unprotected electronics will be fried, takes out the power grid, vehicles newer vehicles, military vehicles and planes will be dead. So, you just wait around for it to happen

I support your mission to free America from federal government. 👍👍

@adamkokesh thanks for taking an initiative and fighting back for our liberty and freedom, I hope you best for your purpose in life and may God bless you for your safety from dealing with the Government, because the government is the problem.

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The United States has blood on its hands and we have been at continuous war almost since the founding of our country. We wonder why there are radicalized terrorists out to get us? You're right Adam, we make terrorists faster than we can kill them. If another country came here and tried to do to us the same thing we have done to Iraq or Libya, or any other country we have terrorized in the name of the military industrial complex, we would be fighting them with sticks, stones, guns or anything else we could get our hands on. I'll vote for you any day.

Yes. Trump needs to envoke the NDAA act that Obama passed and needs to fucking drone strike Obama, perhaps at a family wedding he were to attend to of some sort sounds fitting, Hillary, John Podesta, John McCain, The Bushes as well... Our bad ass military could be on our borders to protect us from illegal immigrants and terrorists or whatever( unfortunately the enemies are already made, since the US basically committed genocide on them ). While we do have blood on our hands, even back from the native Americans.. WE NEED TO STOP FUCKING AROUND and USE OUR POWER TO DEFEND THIS COUNTRY, NOT ISRAEL.

Oh, I agree with you 100 percent. From our earliest beginnings this has been a violent, war like country. I love our country but I hate to see the things that have been done in our name by our military. Most young people who join the military go in as patriots. It's sad to see how many commit suicide and I believe it is because their idealism is shattered and they can't stand the damage they did and the people they killed.

Ohhh nice post adamkokesh kip it up..

I always support you .
whatever happens ,, @adamkokesh is the next president of the United States.

Sir adamkokesh, Repeat a lie often enough, the conventional Nazi propaganda wisdom ran, and it will become an accepted truth.

This last Veterans Day weekend, I couldn’t watch a sporting event, listen to a car radio, or even go shopping at the local grocery store without hearing a Great American Lie repeated over and over.

 We get to go shopping, the recorded voice at HyVee instructed me, because of “our” military. So “thank a veteran.”Leaving my local grocery store last Sunday, I almost expected to see U.S. Marines guarding the perimeter of the parking lot so that terrorists couldn’t slaughter grateful citizens as we tried to purchased provisions. Was that an Army Rangers team in the frozen foods section? 

I'm not commenting, because what I want to comment has been preceded by others, but I support you @adamkokesh

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Great post.

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this guy is very angry in depicting his point

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Absolutely, Libertarians not only should but must come together. This is the time. Like Locke said, when the government begins to oppress, the people will begin to revolt. It is time and the people are ready. The Libertarian Party has this opportunity to be a vehicle for human evolution!

Living in freedom is a powerful virtue, valuing and respecting the rights of others, being fair. living in freedom, is to live with strength with vigor, without restriction, is to enjoy the race while the wind blows and makes you feel more and more free, more cheerful, a brave with courage!


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This vid is LIVING PROOF of how important your "Split 50!" prescription actually is. Pompous fools like Levin need to be "disarmed".... and they would be the moment WDC is "liquidated". Out of the 50 new nations, I bet you most of them will copy Switzerland in their "foreign policy".... where I bet you the biggest wall will be needed between Ohio and Michigan! LOL

No wonder there's wars nonstop with people thinking like Mr Levin. It is far too easy to come up with an excuse for war with that kind of a mindset.

Make your spirit be fight to freedom what the freedom made free and freedom. The real freedom come from freedom people.

@adamkokesh I like when you confront these people and ask them serious questions. So many times they are treated like celebrities and a lot of them just want to harvest the money from their Brain Dead Sheep followers...............

nice Video

Great work there! .. A friendly smile goes a long way to keep his ego at bay..

Good respectful debate. Nice job guys.

a very good way to pass a simple message...u re good at what you do

@adamkokesh good and fun interview for me !!!!

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Awesome Post!! keep it up

USA can't afford to be the world's policeman, nor does the world want them to serve that roll.

It's not about left and right, communism and capitalism or rich and poor: is about the State vs. the rest of us.

good for u !!!