Think of freedom not as a substance, but as an ideal state of social harmony...

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Freedom is what you have when no one is forcing their will on you. Everyone inherently recognizes this as a good thing because we all value our power to make decisions. We all value making decisions without being threatened. Unfortunately, most of us have not taken the time to consider the precise nature of freedom and its foundation in universal undeniable principles. Applying those principles to big issues may be complicated, but the concept of freedom is not. When applied consistently, it shows the way to a more harmonious society.

If somebody is forcing their will on us, clearly, we are not free. So perhaps it is helpful to think of freedom not as a substance, but as an ideal state of social harmony in which no one is forcing their will on anyone else. A violation of freedom is an attack on a particular victim whose will is being forcibly hindered by taking their life, stealing their property, or threatening them with assault. Freedom is not just an ideal state of society, but a moral code for respecting the rights of others.

Self-ownership is an integral part of being human. You own yourself. You own your body. You own your labor. For anyone to assert otherwise is to attempt to restrict your freedom or make you a slave.

Because you own yourself, it is wrong for someone to initiate force against you or your property. Acceptance of this simple fact is the foundation of a free and peaceful society. This universal non-aggression principle applies to everyone, and it is therefore wrong to kill, injure, assault, steal from, or threaten another person. Anyone who directly violates others, supports the violation of others, or violates others on behalf of someone else is holding us back from achieving our potential through the harmonious and mutually beneficial transactions that take place in freedom.

Chapter 1 Section I From FREEDOM! by Adam Kokesh

I am the author of FREEDOM!, a book endorsed (I mean banned) by the US Department of “Justice.” You can get a copy here. I’m running for Not-President in 2020 on the platform of the peaceful, orderly, and responsible dissolution of the United States federal government. You can find out more here. I am currently on my #TaxationIsTheft tour! You can find an event near you here. Whoever has the top comment on this post after 24 hours can claim a free signed copy of FREEDOM! by sending me a message with their address.

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I don't know if you're going to read this but I'm just coming over from your last video on YouTube and for whatever reason I wasn't aware you were here on Steemit. But damn am I glad you're here! Freedom is the right to be authentic in a world of deceit, the chance to question the answers rather than just hear cookie cutter answers to your questions. Freedom is doing what's right even if you're alone in your endeavors. Freedom is not giving up for a false sense of security but taking responsibility for your own actions and outcomes. Thanks for giving voice to freedom 👍


I just sent you a message on Instagram

It was an honor to meet Adam on his current Taxation is Thief tour. I encourage all of Adams followers to meet him. Take some of his books and help spread his message. I have become just as excited from reactions from others I talk with outside of Adams groups as I did with the ones in them. So please keep the movement moving forward! 2020 and beyond.

If you put it like this, children are the least free in this world. And it's not about parents, but about the state which dictates when to go school, what they need to feel their heads with, what vaccines should they get...


On the other hand, children don't pay taxes and their parents receive all kinds of benefits because of them in many countries.

It's logical that the government tries to give children the idea that they need to be ruled. This happens by the things you point out, like giving them only the option to attend public school and give them vaccines to 'protect' them. It gives children the idea that the government is inherently benevolent and that we can't live without them.

Quite a scary thought.


But as Adam points out in his book, children are paying for our current governments outrageous spending and intrest on the debt. Choices made today will continue to cost many generations to come.

@adamkokesh Thanks for your work as well! Followed


Thank you!

I just saw your youtube breakup video. Great news! Bring as many of them with you to steemit! Love your work.

Very true I long to be free.

Unfortunately I am wrapped up in the British society and how authoritarian it is wow. But I am saving, learning and planning I will break away soon an be free !

I have been following your work for several years now, Adam. Thank you.

Since the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America, there are three types of legal entities in the courts of these united States:
-- The first is people, as in "We the People". These are the three percent who fought to free us from a tyrant king, and are living, with a soul, and those who work to claim that status. The Organic Laws refer to these as sovereign men. If you are stopped by a government officer, you must claim people status if you want to have the associated rights and duties referred to in the Declaration of Independence. The Bible, the primary record of Organic (natural) Law, speaks to people. In courts, these are on the land. These are the natural, inalienable, inherent rights, derived from the duties ascribed to us by the Creator, aka Providence. If I have a duty, I can only be held accountable to perform it if I have the rights necessary to perform it.
-- The second type is persons, also known as citizens. Like other legal words of art, the word person is from a Latin word. It’s meaning is mask. Citizen is also Latin, meaning slave or subject. In law, a person is wearing a mask. Persons are not necessarily living with a soul. Nearly all statutes are only written for persons, NOT people. Once you claim your status as a people in law, you can still act with the mask if it is to your best interest, or even if it is foolish. Persons have government issued rights and duties, which may or may not be related to Organic Law. Persons can be living, or corporations, or trusts, or any other government created entity. Persons of all types have the same rights and duties. When acting as a person, you lose your protection from the Organic Law, you have only “civil rights”, granted by government. Your duties are almost beyond number. You are treated in law as the mask, not as the man wearing the mask. In courts, these are in the territory, or in a corporation. The Birth Certificate refers to my person, NOT me as a people. By the way, the word people can be either singular and plural. Persons are in the land, or in the territory, of the United States. Persons are not granted common law, as are people, in the courts.
-- The third type is predators. Also known as elite or tyrants, these believe they are above all law. Statutes are often written to exempt them from civil duties. Examples are the statutes that exempt the lawmakers and staff from Obama Care, its death panels and other limitations. Another example is the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which allows 12 private banks, known as Federal Reserve Banks, to create our currency with no limits. This allows the predators to steal the value out of our wallets without touching them through inflation. There are millions who think they are part of the “predator” class, but it is far less than one in ten thousand. These are the big banking families and associates that actually believe they control these united States. Examples would be those who own the Federal Reserve Banks. The Kennedys found out too late they are not part of the “elite”. As long as the predators think you are acting according to their will, they will allow you believe you are one of them. Predators believe they are above the courts.
-- Organic Laws are like gravity: they cannot be avoided long term. You can jump off a bridge and fly, but will soon reach the ground, and may learn a hard lesson. In the Law on these united States of America, the Organic Law begins with the printing of the Bible in English. Next is the Magna Carta, signed at sword point by the king of England in 1215 AD. Then the specifically American, the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Northwest Territory Ordinance, and the Constitution for the united States of America. The body of Organic Law is sometimes called Common Law. If there is no claim of damage or no damage to your reputation (written or verbal), damage to your property, or damage by fraud in a contract, there is no crime. Most who are in prison are there because they were convicted as a person, as there was no damage, nor even a claim of damage.
“I am just doing my job” is no longer an excuse.
-- The 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution, ratified as a reaction to the War for States Rights (aka the Civil War, to make “civil” duties prevail over natural duties), did not free the slaves. It was intended to enslave all but the predators, and has been rather effective, little by little. We have become a feudal state, voluntary slaves for the most part.
-- History writers are under the control of the victors, and so in effect the history you have been told is from government run institutions, written to the benefit of the Predators.
-- Those in the deep state are NOT stupid, they just do not have our best interest at heart.
-- We each choose to be either a person or a people. Either by ignorance and mind control, or out of fear (security), you may choose person. If you choose to be a man, and to perform the duties ascribed to us, duties to care for each other and the world around us, join those who won our freedom and be a people.
-- You have the choice. On the land, or in the territory and corporations. You can be a people, or be a person. Which will you choose?