Fraud, lies, and theft at Anarchapulco?

in #freedom2 years ago

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Adam, your own emails to Berwick show this to be untrue.

What a bunch of immature people, trashing someone else in the space for $1000, far from ethical.
Very disappointed in you man (or whatever you are)

Lol. You were uninvited because you slimeballs got busted stalking people and plotting cyberterror campaigns.

Let the conmen attack each other.

I wouldn’t worry, either. There’s plenty more innocent families, 9-year-olds, and women out there to harass. You’ll be alright.

If you had proof to your story, that would be one thing, but you don't.
According to you, you are endangering your child's safety. You are a very irresponsible parent IMHO.
Does your child know what you are doing and it's implication?
Or is this story just not true?

Lol. Are you Adam’s flunky too? It’s not only me, but a whole list of people. You’ve seen the screenshots directly from Adam to the other kid—the 9-year-old—right? That’s not my family. This all good with you, too? You’ve seen the screens to Tatiana Moroz. Now combine that with my story, which they’ve now admitted happened. Just “information gathering” while talking about geolocating me and scanning my vids for plate numbers. Talking about attacks, “kill rates” and “assets in Japan.” You’re an idiot engaged in victim blaming, too weak to show who you are. Probably part of the team.

Keep following me around like fish excrement, dipshit.

This is the last I’ll address your victim-blaming amoebic drivel publicly.

Have fun!


I have not seen the "screenshots directly from Adam to the other kid". This is new info.
I repeat, I am not with the Kokesh campaign.
What is with the name calling? Really?
I like to only look at facts and avoid conjectures whenever possible. But I'm just an idiot, I guess.

Mark, you are a true FREEDOM FIGHTER. This video shows just how desperate the campaign is. I’m glad they foolishly admitted that the screenshots depicting the @adamkokesh campaign attempting to plot a cyberterror attack are authentic.

Cheers big guy!


Again, a lot of conjectures.