Government gives you the shaft!

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See why this guy says we are getting shafted by the state!

Want to help me finally free America from the federal government?

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Best government is no government.


invite to a cry of freedom.
Freefom .........freedom .......freedom
Supporting you as President of the United 2020.
That will bring the United in freedom.
Support I always accompany and I'll invite friends to support you @adamkokesh

I will continue to support you as you say


I'm ready 100% for freedom @adamkokesh
invite to a cry of freedom.

I am in full support. We stand by you

@adamkokesh how can we know the top commenter

@adamkokesh keeps the people in the mood to hold their govt to ransom for their actions

Like his people's United States is very fortunate to have presidential candidates just like you. 2020 is the scintillating and I would give support to you as President of the future by promoting You in any of my posts on my blog @nasrol. Once upon a time was coming to my blog, I am very happy to see you.
Freedom Of The United States.

I think if i was American i will support him

Your energy is real and your act is consistent with your values

freedom freedom freedom...
you are very nice guy sharing with
us best contents or articles/
i am thinking you are what media reporter or what?

We don't want federal government anymore ....

The modern American presidency and regulatory-welfare-warfare state date from FDR, the Great Depression and the New Deal, and World War II. Existing judicial and congressional restraints were substantially reduced during the decades of Democratic ascendancy, the demands of the civil-rights revolution, the steady growth of entitlements, and the Cold War. Democrats Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, each in their own way, added to the scope of the office, whereas Republicans Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and the Bushes diminished neither presidential authority nor the expanding state.


While the guy in the video had a good head on his shoulders the statue was needing some head. While it was rock solid it didn't appear to be solid as a rock. Anyhow, the guy was right it's more complicated then it seems and no it's not government that makes it that way it's all the people who want to drive down the highway going the wrong way making it complicated, if everyone would have done in life what you purpose government wouldn't be this huge bureaucracy that it is.

thanks ^^

of course everyone will be disturbed, before standing freedom.

I am always with you

fission and your mission is very good @adamkokesh

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I love how you guys are talking about getting shafted by the government with a dick out on the statue in the background. You could not have picked a better spot for that interview. Awesome placement!

lol, yeah once I could stop wanting to make jokes about that I could focus on the video.

In the cover pic for the video, it looks like the statue guy is caressing Adam's head.

Short stubble growth is a sexual turn on when rubbed gentle across the skin according to some women.....

yeah dude, crushin it


@adamkokesh president 2020

Imagine a village, town, city or county anywhere in MN this man could go visit, that was governed by a majority of anarchos who simply put a "gone fishin'... back in 2020" sign on the town hall. The man wouldn't be so confused about what Adam was attempting to explain. One of these prototypes in each state, please. It will make you look much more intelligent in the 2020 debates.

When a government gives you lemons... they were stolen :D

I have questions for all of you crazy, peaceful people! :D