Living Freedom VS Knowing Freedom - Kenny Palurintano

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What you say about living freedom is excellent. Living by example has proven to be a major force in spreading a message-even those on the other side throughout history have known this to the detriment a lot of the time to the rest of us. However, both you and Kenny are living out this ideal and where there may be differences in approach and/or style the fact that the non-agression principle is still being adhered to only further highlights the truth in Libertarianism. John Locke would be proud ;) Peace and love my friend. I shall resteem and am looking forward to more of what you have to say on this NECESSARY topic.

We must accept finite disappointment,but never lose infinite hope of freedom.
Thanks for the encoraging post.

Great stuff. Kenny truly is a beautiful human. It’s so important for us to get past our labels and our tribal identities when they just create division and strife. The end goal of increasing freedom is to increase well-being of conscious creatures which also improves the world we live in. The labels are often just a distraction. Thank you both for increasing freedom in the world. :)

there is always something interesting about your posts dear friend @adamkokesh. thank you for sharing your ideas. have a good time.

I would say that everyone should be given their due rights within the state and the people of the state should be the priority instead of few quarters.

thnx for shearing..
it is a great POST
I always following you

Great teacher you are @adamkokesh

And how generous you are to want to give out that book.
Carry on Sir!

Unfortunately many wants to live freedom, but don’t know how.

and then, we see in the American libertarian, those who actually know how... but for 47 years refuse to do what it takes to LIVE freedom. They just like to talk about it. Hopefully these two guys can build on what AnarchoForko achieved and make such a world that which goes on all year long. I see them starting to use the word "Agorism".

Important messages are always well accepted, and yours transmit wisdom and show a reality. Thank you for sharing.
you have my support.
I invite you to visit my profile and see my publications. Thank you.

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trial. I don't mind going your path.

the heck with "leave a trail"... BUILD A HIGH SPEED FREEWAY AND RAILWAY. enough of this piddleFarting around, already. ...and have them lead to and from Agoras.

Great post man, there is something I love about you, you have a vision and you are working towards it. Keep the dream alive

First of all, thank you for this informative post! This really helps enrich the content on the Steemit community and helped myself and others surely learn something new today!

This post it was great !!!

Very good topic friend greetings from venezuela I follow and vote

lets blaze it @adamkokesh ! Got the cali home grown.

look interesting mystery. thanks.

We are not a book club as we need to apply our principles to everyday life, FREEDOM IS FIRST! I can't wait for your campaign on 2020! :D

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This is an amazing expression friend.
I visited his blog and he had a very touching stuffs there as well.
Nice work

look interesting mystery. thanks.

Freedom does not need wings, what it needs is to take root. Greetings friend.

Amazing. I can't believe that you are giving away a signed free copy of this book which sounds like a very interesting and must have book if you would like freedom in your life.

Very good post!
Let me follow you and resteem yours!

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This is really inspiring. I hope others can see the world from a different perspective after watching this. Thank you so much.

look interesting mystery. thanks.

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Wonderful, thank you for creating this post it was great!

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I felt a little shunned by you at Anarchapulco this year @adamkokesh I guess I caught you at a busy time. You and @kennyskitchen are two amazing individuals, thank you for all that you do for Freedom !!

Good video. I agree that early childhood education is important, but Denmark just made preschool compulsory. What's next?

Freedom to the people !!

Being in Freedom is quite difficult to express what actually it is. The interview opens some facets of how to get into… I appreciate the way

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