Jewish Marine demolishes white nationalist - Richard Spencer VS Adam Kokesh

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I just came here to laugh at that clowns yuppie ass knit sweater

Ha! Love you, bro. I hope you find something else if interest. ;)

Yeah, on a serious note, it was a good debate, I appreciate how you have stayed consistent on these issues and have not pandered to the fascist low hanging fruit for clicks like some others have.

For real tho, he looks like a cop callin square, like he just got home from the country club or someshit :-P

I will always go with saying "Too big of a government means fewer rights for individuals." They always say for your protection we need to be able to read emails or listen to phone calls. Where does it all end?

Adam kokesh must be one of the few people to have been endorsed by Ron Paul

The thing about anyone who is focused on racial pride is that they don't have any actual accomplishments of their own to be proud of.

FYI: I watched the full version on Youtube

in part because DTube still shorts out with DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN when I try to watch something there. It might be "just me."

A fascinating debate, especially in the way that Adam and Mr. Spencer played off against each other. Adam was essentially the Man of the Future, while Spencer relied on some classic conservative themes (tragic nature of man, human nature hasn't changed, history being the best guide as to how we'll act.) Rather than an "Internet Blooodsports" type of debate, it was idea-centered.

Great to hear Adam plugging Steemit, at the beginning and the end of the debate part. Thanks!

@nxtblg Agreed. This was awesome. I think cause I've heard Adam's and other like minded people's arguments for years, that Spencer's arguments actually resonated with me more so in this debate. Still think Adam is doing great stuff, waking people up, but I think Richard makes a lot of sense... Just sounds more realistic.

Richard and his "people" will get their chance when America is split into 50 separate nations... and there ain't a thing anyone can do about it.

Finally, someone beat Spencer in a debate. Good job Adam! You are too smart for them!

being prideful of a particular collective is nice and all, but the value you give to the world as an individual is far more important. Your individual success is all that matters.

There were a few points I felt that could have been brought up by Adam that i would have liked to see Richard respond to.

The first I guess would be, what is the ideal size of a state to protect it's livestock? America began as the ideal to be the smallest nation state yet it has expanded today to be the largest (arguably) state with the most firepower and yet the geopolitical landscape is so divided that both major running candidates in the last election (Trump/Hillary) are both seen as literal devils by half the country. Vast amounts of people don't feel safe, they feel (and perhaps correct) like they are one election away from being destroyed, economically, militarily, politically, socially, etc. America has the largest nation state, so shouldn't the people feel the most happy/secure here, yet in these smaller state Scandinavian countries people 'feel' more secure, and many of them are beginning to embrace secessionist independence movements to break away from the EU which are compromising the individuals of these countries. How terrified would Richard be if Hillary Clinton had won the last election, or Bernie Sanders had gained control of the massive Leviathan States of America? It's really hard to move away from an entire country, there are vast expenses and it means having to fragment further from your family and local social groups. If Hillary only had power over a State, yes it would still be terrifying, but to a smaller scale and easier to move away from and much easier to visit.
The size of the Government is always expanding, all the laws that got passed from the guy you might like while he's president for a very brief period, will be and has always been historically used back against the individual as soon as the next person takes office. The size of the state will always expand until it collapses as everyone fights for control of the Ring to dominate others.

Richard says our ability to dominate is morality, his enemies are also saying this, and there's almost nothing stopping them from gaining control of a state to eliminate all who disagree... So to his enemies, gaining control of the violent power of the state to kill all the Richard Spencers would be moral by his logic because they must have dominance to be moral.

The second on immigration. Spencer continuously infers that in smaller nation states there would be almost nothing that could limit migration, which is contrary to everything that is happening today. The massive state Governments are using their livestock as collateral to bribe immigrants who wouldn't normally come into the country to do so as voting tools, the immigrants are being bribed right now with free healthcare, welfare, and preferential affirmative action legislation to migrate. Low IQ people do not perform well in high IQ societies unless they Government assistance, low IQ immigrants won't move to an individualist nation state because they wouldn't have the safety net to protect them from bad decisions.

The third on war. There is this argument that is thrown around that really really pisses me off. And the argument goes like this. Oh you're an individual nation state/ community whatever you want to call yourself, well I'm Genghis Khan(China, russia, whatever) and I'm just going to kill you and there's nothing you can do about it because I'm to big, so either you have to grow bigger more terrifying and fearsome to the point of dominating me, or I will murder everybody you know.

Whenever somebody brings this up, you need to really challenge them on this, and how they would actually do it. If America separates into 50 states, the population of the overall region does not instantly vanish. The spending power of the citizens does not vanish, the connections of the all the people who live within the region of America (even if there are divided nations in it) does not vanish.

So how I like to handle this conversation coming back to the "how" is, ok so i live in Ancapistan somewhere in the region of old America, how and why are you going to invade me if you are Genghis Khan or whatever dictator is in charge of your fantasy tyranny? How are you going to raise the money, funds, and justification to do so?
If you threaten to extort me or my state with your power there are 49+ other states around me that have have seceded, they value individual liberty because they seceded and they will unite because if I fall and am murdered by you they know they are next, our overall spending power has not changed, we have the ability to lobby the entire spending power of all of old America and whoever else wants to help to fight back, and it's much easier for us to fight back as we don't need to send armies to fight you, we just simply fire all 50 of our nukes on your centralized house with you in it, in order to defeat us, you have to defeat 50 states, we simply need to defeat 1. For every state of ours that you destroy, it's land and citizens for whatever reason, you are lowering your economic ability to profit... if you attack us, you going to murder all of your racial demographic who've chosen to reside here, and there are societal implications now back at your home to deal with the fact that you are murdering your citizens families who are living and doing business abroad.

If you, Richard Spenser tried to be Genghis Khan and invade us in this day and age, you, and your entire family will be murdered by us or your own people and you will have gained nothing.

This kind of turned into a long rant, but it's bullshit like this that the Spencers of the world spew and try to get away with.

Everyone are human and our blood's color is red in body, so never find out a good man based on skin color i think.

Very well discussion in this video between Richard Spencer and @adamkokesh

Upvoted Done!


apart from his unethical view of "muh there will always be government", its simply not true, that big military "always" crushs small militia. u can go back to history, and point out many societies, that weren't being crushed. some of them, through military means, some of them through diplomatic means. give this smartypants richard his government, unless there is a voluntary way for me to opt out of it, without being extorted or threatened, he can keep it. 1:25:00

every human has the right to self expression irespective of the gorvenment or who so ever.

I’m down with pretty much anything destroys Richard Spencer, so this works for me!

Thanks for information

wow well freedom post keep it up thanks for shareing


I've became to a conclusion in peoples life

  • Xenofobic are the wussiest thing had been existed in human kind,
  • Homofobics are disguised fags waiting to get out their closet,
  • Racist are ignorant wussies won't ever fuck even a brunnete in their life,
  • ¿Who more counts?
  • Jesus won't save from hell anyone who thought it was pure because its white skin...

One message: Spread love with everyone who needs that...Everyone.

i can't stand nationalism. There is a lot of people im my country that hate other nations for stuff that happened decades ago. You should never generalize people on nationality or any other basis.

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Great video as usual, thanks for sharing.

@AdamKokesh, that was too easy!
If a guy believes you would have no rights without government, he's going to be easy to defeat in a debate!
Rights come from the Creator.
Privileges come from government.

@adamkokesh 1
Richard Spence 0

  • Slam dunk buddy!
    • He really thought he had you because you can't take us directly to a totally free world.
    • Perhaps you should have tagged this comedy. Because that guy is a clown and his ideas are just plain wrong...
    • Or maybe tagged it sadness, since it's sad but true that some people actually believe what he's arguing...

BTW I think I had a sweater like that in high school... in the 70's haha

Good post,may we be in the path of freedom

I guess everyone may have opinions different from someone and that's just how life is on this planet. Nice video post @adamkokesh. Keep it up!

keep it up, you will gain.
you can also see the USA news
pls keep helping to vote .like-all.png

Your rights may not come from government, but without government nobody is going to respect your rights, so you in effect do not have any

I would rather take responsibility for my own protection than trust government!

Adam Kokesh was a key infiltrator into the Ron Paul movement, his whole purpose is to sow corruption and to create disunity. Kokesh is an infiltrator and rabble-rouser. A fraud, his purpose is to undermine any real political movement.

Do these guys yet realize that Adam Kokesh has the only means to their possibly seeing their dream "state"? There just aren't enough white people who really care about "racial purity" to make a dent in a nation of 350million population. And most recognize that constant fighting amongst races only serves the PTB's agenda of "divide and conquer". Low average IQ of "lesser races" doesn't automatically mean evil DNA!!! High average IQ of superior races doesn't automatically mean good DNA!!

Now, when it comes to religious differences, things change. One chooses his faith and Holy Books. In America, previous to 9/11 it was relatively taboo to speak ill of another's faith. We all accepted the basic premise of the First Amendment... But then the pompous talmudThumpers, steeped in their piles of counterfeit currency, decided to up the ante with their False Flag Op we know as "9/11"; whereas "IslamoFascism" (which became the narrative for all muslims being directed by their Koran) was all the rage.... and the "war on terror" became the battle cry of Michael Chertoff and gang.

So this ended up allowing for the Talmud to become as legitimate a target as the koran. YouTube really opened the door back in '05. Remaining ignorant of what is prescribed within that encyclopedia is unpardonable at this point! All the info is available from multiple sources (including those raised jewish) at the click of a mouse.

When these "white nationalists" begin to drop the angst over a "jewish race" and begin to focus on the ideological problems, et al, we are going to see a new America. And ironically, it's this Jewish Marine, who brings forth with his "Split 50!" platform, the following:
4 great prospects of a kokesh presidency - jpg.JPG

These angry white men are going to get their chance. I mean, Wyoming and Montana barely have 1/2 million population! Think about it. That is two relatively large land-mass states with people numbering the same as we find in Grand Rapids, MI.

i'm only about two minutes into this and just noticed this is brand new. this is good content adam thank you. i'll let ya know

okay so far a few thoughts: what @coolfish says above "Kokesh, that was too easy!" lol & he's right. southpark oughta make a character based on spencer for sure. I can't believe this guy has at times gotten so much press in main stream radio & tv... oh wait i can. also he's not quite pseudo-intellectual category though boringly close enough falls in with those i term the poorly reasoned flowery speech ilk. um reminder to us all this will never be resolved in a helpful way if taken as us versus them here's a winner and theres the loser. sure it seems an argument at times but hopefully its a couple of peeps trying to understand each other

Richard Spencer actually isn't even against Jews. In fact the far right that are against Jews are constantly calling Richard Spencer a shill. Should probably change the title slightly.

It’s funny to everyone can think that they can leave comments over the internet...also believe they could have done so without the state that created it. None of these things would have come to fruition without the fertile grounds in which they grew without a state to protect it. This is why these things didn’t develope in 3rd world countries. In places where the rule is small waring tribes it is immpossible to progress because at every turn there is someone greedy enough trying to take the works of the individual’s labor.

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