You didnt take the ice bucket challenge! (here's why)

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Want to help me finally free America from the federal government?

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Hahha, really loved your way of presenting it and after watcing the video and all challenges now I am like thank God I didn't do that or none of us even tried it otherwise God knows where we would have ended lol

I think that is pretty awesome that a potential US president resides here on steemit. I keep an eye on your activities @adamkokesh , good luck with your campaign!

we didn't take it because we are not stupid. it was meant for the cancer patients or receive donations but we all started throwing ice cold water on us and tagging our friends. it was supposed to be a generous act not a fun activity.

its a waste of good ice to cold my beers with. smh

Great man @adamkokesh Powerful. All great things start at a local level and grow outward from there. I’ve heard of you on Steemit, and I’m now happy to be following you. I’ve run for local office before and I know the difference that can make. (Even though I didn’t win the election) you are doing brave and important work by exposing the tyranny and oppression that state power can impose. keep up it

Absolutely, Libertarians not only should but must come together. This is the time. Like Locke said, when the government begins to oppress, the people will begin to revolt. It is time and the people are ready. The Libertarian Party has this opportunity to be a vehicle for human evolution

funny and adorable videos, a startling reaction.
America must exist FREEDOM but if @adamkokesh becomes president there must be freedom

Really informative post and useful for all.

I always support you though morally @adamkokesh

I appreciate your post

ALS = Antichrist Lucifer Satan?

Was the ice bucket challenge to harvest energy for Satan?

funny and adorable videos, pity afflicted by water, really a startling reaction.,

even I would also not dare to

I did one of those with my son few years ago.
I love watching the videos, so thanks for sharing it.

How nice, Adam got out of donating and getting wet....swindler that he is.

I support freedom!

Thanks for bringing that up again... I almost forgot how good the mainstream social media is at manipulating people.

ice battle challlenge :)))

I thought it was about gaining empathy for those people by experiencing how they feel.

Poring ice over your head does do something.
It brings attention to the issue, causing more donations.
Kind of lame of you to hate on this.

Poring ice over your head does do something.
It brings attention to the issue, causing more donations.
Kind of lame of you to hate on this.

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