Adam Kokesh: Flat Earthers, Politics & Taxes

in freedom •  4 months ago

Adam Charles Kokesh is an American Libertarian and anti-war political activist who has announced plans to run for President in 2020 on the platform of an "orderly dissolution of the federal government.”

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Hallo @adamkokesh , I watched the first part of the stream, I am sorry but I don't have the time to watch it all to know this:

Are you a flat earth or do you still believe in the ball??? That is all I want to know, so I hope you will respond to this!


@lasseehlers we meet again - So, Flat is a restrictive concept.. Think, not a globe, it's far more psychedelic - whatever, we both agree it is not a globe. However, God - do you personify it? Or are you aware that God is the organic body/temple of spirit as it unfolds fractally. King James must have been a freemason, because the book of Genesis allowed me to completely define God, disprove me.!/v/illucifer/rt4mxbl5 Time does not exist. This realm has always existed. These guys on the left are pretty programmed, they have American flags behind them.. Surely not Anarchists yet. Earth is the center, the sky rim moves around us every 25,800 years. NASA is bullshit man, never been to the moon. @adamkokesh is dope.. The first time I ever heard the word 'bitcoin' was from Adam Kokesh, smoking dmt on his in Breck, CO..


@psylanthropist ... thanks for the message.. yes not a globe... I dont know what it is.. and NASA is bs... so is moon landing... I dont nessesarily like freemasons, because I believe they created the lie of the globe and the "society".. but I will try to check out your video on illucifer.. seemed a little wierd by first look... maybe better I do it when I am more clear in the mind... the fitness has poked to my traumas... so pretty fucked up today... yes, lets meet next february at anarchopulco.. atleast!..

Earth is FLAT.

Nukes are FAKE.

Do the research. Or be a lemming. Your choice.

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Interesting and informative post

One of my favourite interviews! Your predictions at the start of the podcast about leaving the hosts frustrated proved true LOL
People often have trouble distinguishing from the rule of law/constitution from natural law/self-ownership.
God bless.

Finally I found a flat earther post on steemit community .. Followed you

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My mother listened to Adam's book and thought it was indoctrination.
She wasn't willing to investigate any of the points.

Some guy with a gun is going to think he's better than you and shoot you.
But I still wish you the best of luck.
It will at least show the people how criminal the government is.
Abolishing it will likely require a civil war.

Very much looking forward to the full plan.
I agree you shouldn't worry too much about the constitution.
Executive orders are allowed to go through work because they serve the ruling class.
So you'd have massive troubles even if your order did comply with the constitution.

They're interrupting because what you're saying doesn't answer any question they have.
They're asking for the nuts and bolts, your response is principles and values.

In amrerica you will be safe because of perisident.