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OSHA chainsaw safety checklist:

  1. cowboy hat - check
  2. green sunglasses - check
  3. teal neckscarf - check
  4. topless - check

Yup, looks safe. Carry on.

we need blockchain ballots! smash the two party system!

When will the July 1st, 2018 book bomb happen, now that it's August 21st?

Are you still running for president in 2020? The interviewer on your recent radio appearance said you were not running in 2020. Is that true?

That's a nice chainsaw and Chippendale's look, but some folks that support and donate to you for this liberty thing are wondering about these other, apparently less important things they donated for.

Did you lose your Steem delegation, by the way? Is that why you have stopped posting every day and almost never reply to commenters here?

I know you said the community was really important to you, so... Just wondering.

Maybe this is like the time you got "pissed" (your terminology, not mine) when your initial post here "only made" $1000 USD. Huh.

Anyway, good luck with the tree there.

Stay #Wokesh


I wrote you in for libertarian ballot in AZ so I’m looking forward to Senator Kokesh!

Great video, love the setting, especially the "voting booth" - that's awesome :)
You'd definitely be the hottest President thus far lol!
Can't wait to see more, like where you stand on key issues :)

You plan on chipping that up and smoking it?

Wow....very nice and hot look 👀

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Adam for non-president!