Big Easy Book Bomb - Dropping January 4th!

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We've been working on this for over three years and it's finally happening. FREEDOM! is coming to the ENTIRE city of New Orleans. Between January 4th and January 11th, every residential mailbox in the city will receive a copy of FREEDOM! That's over TWO HUNDRED AND FOUR THOUSAND (204,000) copies!

Thanks to all of you who made it possible to get to this point, and especially our sponsors for this project, including, Dash, and SmartCash. It brings me great pleasure (and significant relief!) to announce that Operation Big Easy Book Bomb has been completely funded and organized. All that remains is execution. This is historically unprecedented, and arguably the largest explicitly Voluntaryist event ever.

I started writing FREEDOM! while in prison for civil disobedience. It's about how we can make the world a better place by getting rid of government. There are already over 50,000 copies in circulation and it's been downloaded over 3 million times. The version being delivered to the residents of New Orleans is a special edition printing. We've added a letter in the front cover from me explaining our presidential campaign’s plan to peacefully dissolve the federal government, the World's Smallest Political Quiz, a plug for the Louisiana Libertarian Party, acknowledgements of the many people and organizations that helped make this project happen, and of course postage on the back cover.

This book bomb is just the first of many. We plan to replicate this all over the country (the world if necessary!) until the desired effect is achieved. In order to be able to repeat this, we need to make sure it's as successful as possible. We want to make sure that when the books gets in peoples' hands, they know that everyone else in the city got the same book at the same time. We'll be printing thousands of signs, hiring a polling company, contacting media outlets, and organizing a boots-on-the-ground effort to maximize awareness of the event. While we have already spent about $131k on the printing and mailing and have most of what we need for on the ground efforts, your donations would help take this to the next level right now. More signs, more ads, more free bumper stickers, more travel expenses for volunteers who want to help. More people who read the book. More converts. More freedom. Yeah. You get the idea. You can donate by PayPal or crypto at We also need volunteers to help with yard signs and chalking. If you can be there at all to help at any time from January 1st to the 13th, please reply to this email or hit up our volunteer coordinator, Elijah Gizzarelli. ([email protected])

To kick things off for the weekend, we'll have a very informal FREEDOM! Family meet-up at NOLA Brewing, 3001 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115, from 7-9pm on the night of January 4th. We'll be organizing "sign-bomb" teams and giving out big piles of FREEDOM! signs, sidewalk chalk and assignments for territory to cover. If you would like to attend the meet-up, I do ask that you RSVP by emailing Elijah. ([email protected])

Now's the time to get excited!

Peace and Love,

Adam Kokesh

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The Adam Kokesh 2020 campaign is abusive and fraudulent. Please see below.

Kokesh campaign staff admits cyberterror screenshots were authentic. @adamkokesh makes no comment.

Background, details, evidence, and alternate sources here:

You're bullshit has been outed. See the following:

Well this is a good video and pretty much lays out a good counter defensive argument. If I was on a jury I would say that there is reasonable doubt to not implicate anyone. My concerns in the past was not hearing a good response from the Kokesh side. This responses is rather late, but reason given is reasonable. Thanks for clearing this all up.
BTW, thanks for sharing this video @kafkanarchy84, but it does not help your case.
Edit: Sorry about the confusion, I was thinking that @kafkanarchy84 posted this comment and video and not @iamthenerd. Good job with the counter argument.

I understand that jayem. It's a political campaign. On steemit it seems like Kafka is a big deal... But in reality we are focused on huge things. Like this book bomb which we are FINALLY launching!

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Sorry about the conufsion, see my edited comment.

Yes, my “bullshit” has been outed by this video containing a direct admission that the screenshots are authentic.

Really excited but I live just outside of New Orleans in Slidell. Gonna have to tap my friends it seems.

Adam’s campaign has threatened and harassed many people. Please see the link above for the full story. I know it is hard for many to believe, but they are using liberty and self-ownership as a storefront for political and financial gain. They are putting innocent people in danger.

hey, kafky. did you know that adam is getting to launch his book bomb? aren't you excited for him?

Me too @braag. This is a historical push that will make a huge difference!

Yes because nothing says more about promoting your candidacy then a book bomb of New Orleans. Boy the corn husker state is going to be really upset with you.

It's really about using the candidacy platform to spread a message. Win or not in 2020, we're making the best out of this opportunity :)

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If I were the campaign. and though I know they promised a book bomb in NO, I'd save those books and use them in Iowa which is basically where all campaigns start., or where candidates seeking recognition that they are seriously going for it start out. I'd pick two or three of the most heavily populated area's , locate the days and times of their heavily attended festivals and set up tables, maybe find their largest manufacturers and hand out the books when people are leaving their jobs, aim to attend events where there are a lot of veterans in attendance even. Just some idea's to use the books more constructively to gain notice as a contender.

There are reasons. There are also plans to do this all over the place. :) You'll see

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Congrat to you Mr. @adamkokesh. Congrat to people power.