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RE: Society: "Be yourself." Society: "No, not like that"

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Very good article.
Re children, it is going to be a huge struggle for any non-conformist parents to undo the indoctrination of school, peers (hah!) and media.
Can't you home educate them?

My own daughter is smart, sociable, perceptive, eloquent, charming, helpful - a healer and dreamer. Now, do I really want education to fuck her up? She's already getting bored - bad sign.

If you read Iserbyt's blog and book, you will see that the aim of education is no longer to teach anything apart from social conformity and... that's it!


For me, I'm not willing to home school, as I don't believe it would be the best option for my family. Some parents are better at that than others. To be honest, I try to educate them as much as I can about stuff I know they aren't going to learn at school. "the real world".

I think it's important for us, as parents, to pay attention to where the future is headed. We may not always be able to know exactly what's best to teach them, but if we can prepare them with some insight, It would help.

We need to keep it fresh in their minds, of who they really are, so they recognize when they start to wonder off trying to be something or someone they aren't, just to fit into society.

It's a tough one.
I will look into the blog and book you mentioned. An interesting topic for sure (kind of scary, really)

Thanks for sharing your view.

Yes, as you say, even without the extreme of home-schooling, it is about reminding them of who they really are - rather than who society wants them to be. I see it with my own daughter; we need to keep fresh the experiences she has that others appear not to have, such as healing abilities and lucid dreaming. They are not things schools will ever teach.

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