Free Crypto from COINBASE, ref links within!

Up to $50 in Stellar Lumens, FREE for simply watching five short (2-3 minutes) videos and answering one simple question! (per video) That is about as FREE as Free gets. 20 minutes or so, and you have $10 in your Coinbase wallet. The other $40 is available through referrals, $10 x 4 refs. Here's my Ref Link!


The #minnowbootcamp is going to use these funds generated to award some awesome Prizes in the Camp's new accelerated earning programs, to build the bottom lines of Your Crypto Holdings. No strings attached, participants will be allowed to use the funds earned or won however they wish. The old boot camp rules were "no power downs" but this is a new phase. Some places in the world are impoverished and even one U$D can go a long way towards helping people survive, or even better their physical lives. Online Life is great, but it's even better when it can improve your "IRL" conditions!


The Coinbase offer is only available to US Accounts, but I have lots of ref links for other faucets and other earnings. Here's the biggest and best at this moment: Join Here First, or at any point later, but all faucet proceeds are deposited to coinpot!
This is the master account, needed for the following faucets:








These are all different, and I use every one. Totally Legit,
I have already made a 5 Million Litoshi withdrawal, it works! All funds can be converted to one coin for w/d purposes.

Notes on the Coinpot Faucets, 1 thru 5:

1, (Bonus Bitcoin) has a 15 minute timer and I base all my other faucet claims off
this timer. It has a "drip" sound for the notification if you leave you volume up.
I claim this one every 15 minutes, and it is very important to place your settings
on "Claim Average Amount" as I have NEVER gotten the average amount,
it was always LESS, and if you let it run overnight it will be way less than average.
I have seen the average go from a low of 74 to a high of 102 Satoshi per claim.
My highest claim w/o using the "average" was like 64, but usually under 30.
I got over 30 once, so use the "Claim Average Amount" for best results. This
faucet also has a rolling total, of the last several days, and pays 5% of this
rolling total EVERY DAY. So once a day I get around a 200 Satoshi bonus
from being diligent! Another quirk about this faucet is that if you do not use the
"Claim Average Amount" feature, in the morning you will have only about 20
Satoshi, so it seems to RUN BACKWARDS!!! Wow, keep that Average Claim
on there if you run it overnight!

  1. (Bitfun) is a very good faucet, but very simple. The longer it runs, the bigger the
    claim amount, so overnight it can generate around 100 Satoshi. But that is it, no
    bonuses, no tricks. Like all the faucets, it tallies up faster at first, so if I am at the
    keyboard for a few cycles of Bonus Bitcoin, I will claim Bitfun every 1/2 hour or so.
    The minimum wait time is 3 minutes but it seems to run fast for at least a half hour.
    BITFUN also has other offers, which are pretty good for the payouts. I did one for
    8500 Satoshi and it goes all the way up to a bit over 50,000 Satoshi. NICE!!!

  2. Moon Bitcoin; 4. Moon Doge; 5. Moon Litecoin: All of these are essentially identical,
    with a couple of minor differences. First, how they are the same...
    Each MOON Faucet has a 5 minute timer, but I usually let them all run for 30 minutes
    or 2 cycles of Bonus Bitcoin. Each of these 3 has some added bonuses, making
    the Moon Faucets my Favorites! First is the Loyalty Bonus. Each day that you make
    a claim without missing a day, you get 1% added to your loyalty bonus. Max of 100%
    but when you reach that, it stays at a 100% bonus unless you miss a day, and then
    you must start back at zero :( Second, you get a Mystery Bonus, and this is random.
    I have gotten 100% Mystery Bonus one time, but many times it has been 90%+ and
    sometimes just 1% but it appears to be a non-weighted random number. Well, maybe
    not totally un-weighted, I do get more 1% mystery bonus than any other, but it's not
    all that often. I seem to usually get a double digit bonus. Third, Moon Bitcoin has a
    "Mining Bonus" but that consumes lots of processor power and speed, and I have
    a new virus scan that tends to block it. The most I ever got out of Mining Bonus was
    9% and it slows down all other browsing, so I quit using it. The best result was obtained
    with Medium CPU Usage, high and extra high just did not work, and actually returned
    lower Mining Bonus than Medium. "YMMV" The fourth bonus, and all 3 Moon Faucets have this (as do all faucets in this article) is the Referral Bonus. If someone from
    Steemit, or elsewhere, joins using my referral, I get a 25% reward equivalent to all their claims. Some
    are 50% but I do not recall which. Just do them all! lol

  3. MOON DASH & MOON CASH: Dash Coin and Bitcoin Cash, these two are identical to each other except for the coins they spit out, and the claim results and bonuses pop up in a box instead of on the main screen. Moon Dash was around in early Jan. 2018 when I was making so much on Steemit that I neglected my faucets. Moon CASH for B-cash is the newest, not sure when they rolled it out but it is here, and Working.

you must use the ref links to be eligible for prizes, and authentication will be used to check compliance!

Get in EARLY, the prizes will be much easier to win with fewer entrants!


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