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“A dolphin's smile is the greatest deception. It creates the illusion that they're always happy.”― Richard O'Barry

Dolphins love and grieve just like us!

Lets hope for a world where every dolphin and whale is safe and free! 

I saw a trending article on steemit today, beautiful images of jumping dolphins in a pool, somewhere in Japan. OH no! 

My heart is breaking once again because some people are still not aware how much suffering is behind, keeping these wonderful creations of nature in pools with chlorine hurting their eyes. 

Why? Humans need to be entertained!?

Help to spread awareness and support!

The  "FreeBaliDolphins" Tour April 30-May,5th as announced on Instagram is coming to Bali! 

Celebrate freedom & say NO to the 🐬 show! 


There is much more pain involved as you might know or think, unimaginable cruelty towards those sweet dolphins and various arguments are way too complicated. 

The injustice to keep those mammals with deep emotions, just like us, in captivation all over the world,  is still happening. 

Facts about Whales and Dolphins You should know about!

Just ask around “who loves dolphins?” Most likely almost everybody loves  dolphins, but what “loving dolphins” really means? This question cannot  be answered easily…  If you would ask another question “Is it safe to  swim with dolphins in captivity?”, you may be amazed by the fact that most people, maybe even you, have never thought about it…  “It’s safe to  be around with  dolphins” is a kind of imprinted in our subconscious.  Is it so? Is it safe for you and for dolphins? This documentary will  help you to make clear the ambiguous situation surrounding this type of  entertainment. - Source by Scuba Film Factory

Dolphins trapped in captivity at Wake, Bali

I am not talking about cows, dogs and other animals today and I am also talking about Indonesia first of all, about one protest when it all got started. 

We can make changes step by step. I helped organizing, inviting people and children as well as their parents and even dogs, a group of awesome women and also supporter from Indonesian animal welfare organisations such as BAWA and Jaan. We all together helped to stop a travelling circus show. its  hard to believe that those circuses are a big hit in Indonesia. 


There are three companies running inhumane operations, much to the delight of uninformed visitors who pay pennies to see the dolphins perform. 

Ric O'Berry and his Dolphin Project and The Truth behind behind swimming with dolphins 

Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project encompasses Ric's work around the world as he saves dolphins from slaughter and exploitation. Visit for more details.


The Dolphin project on Vimeo shows many films, you can watch to see for yourself. 

Dolphin Project Dedicated to the Welfare & Protection of Dolphins Worldwide Since Earth Day 1970. 501(c)(3) #thecove , blackfish @RichardOBarry 🐬

The interviewees: Jimi Long, Dr. Rustam Aminov, Rick  Trout, Ric O'Barry, Howard Garrett, Dr. Naomi Rose, Russ Rector, Barbara  Napoles, Zach Affolter.

Protest In Bali since 2012 

I remembered, when we decided to go to the streets with a lot of brave dolphin lovers and creative expatriate and local kids who created beautiful artwork to stop that one circus performance on the island. 

It was well worth it! 

"SPEAK for US" ! End Dolphin Exploitation June16&23rd, 2012

2013: Dolphins Made and Wayan were kidnapped.

Things are continuing to get complicated in Indonesia.  I was supposed to go home last week, but I stayed here in Bali anticipating a move of two dolphins, named Made and Wayan, who are kept in a small filthy swimming pool at a local café for the tourists.  We had the Minister of Forestry himself come to see these dolphins, and he announced their treatment was inhumane and he would seize them with our help and move them to our sea pen for rehabilitation and release. Read On!

2014: Activists were attacked.

This is a report from our campaign in Indonesia. Names have been withheld to protect the activists from retaliation.We held a protest at the grand opening of the dolphin pool and restaurant in Bali.I knew I wasn’t the best person to go and demonstrate there but everyone here is afraid to do anything and since nothing was happening me and fellow activists decided to just go take pictures at entrance of the facility for the media.We were 5 people and one press photographer.Read on! 

For all those who don't know what I am talking about please watch The Full Documentary, The Cove 

A brief history of the orca, and why the hell they ended up in captivity.


Adopt A Whale Or Dolphin Today !

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update and photos via Bali 🐬



Very good article. I'm actually an animal keeper myself at a wildlife facility (however we only take in animals that are non-releasable by law; everything else is rehabbed and released). I did want to make a point on your article though; because of their confinement, health, and other physical aspects, I would expect some of these animals cannot be released into the wild for their own safety (they would have trouble surviving on their own after a life in captivity). While I would love to see as many released as possible, that can't be the only goal here; we have to improve the conditions for those animals that are non-releasable (obviously that tiny pool is just unacceptable). Release those that have the best chance of surviving in the wild, and those that must remain for their health and safety need larger enclosures, more natural surroundings and stricter regulations to reduce stress and poor health.

Upvoted and followed!


I am so glad you found me :) I follow you because I am very interested to read about your experience with animals you work with . I totally understand that those kept animals cannot be released to the wild that quickly. JAAN has a facility . I will write more as soon as I am in my laptop again. I reply per phone.

very strong post ! thanks
upped ,followed , resteemed


I really really appreciate your support ! Nice to meet you ! 🐬🐬🐬❤️

We relate to dolphins because they’re intelligent mammals that live in complex social groups
Philippa Brakes, a senior biologist at the Whale And Dolphin Conservation Society


Nice to meet you too mammasitta! :)


I refuse to go to zoos or aquariums that pen, dolphins no other high intellect mammals...I also boycott factory farmed produce and animals. Great article!


My daughter is more vocal than I, she writes about caged zoo animals and circus animals all the time.


Thats amazing !!!! Good girl!

I found this beautiful article :

FEW animals can enthral us like a dolphin. Whether it’s their permanently genial expression, the way they swim alongside boats and playfully leap out of the water, or whether it’s their habit of throwing their heads back as if in laughter, they have the power to consistently charm.


Made me cry

So it’s not surprising that pictures recently captured of a mother carrying her injured baby to its final resting place have proved incredibly affecting. A boat full of tourists in China’s Guangxi Zhuang region watched the poignant scene as a lone female battled against the tide, carrying the burden of her dead baby on her back. The infant dolphin, which had a large gash across its belly, possibly from being struck by a boat, fell off into the water five times and each time its mother plucked it from the waves to carry on.
Some scientists believe she was moving her dead calf away from the shore to lay it to rest in deeper water or that she was performing a mourning ritual. Either way, the sad scene seemed to add credence to the argument that dolphins are deeply emotional animals.

One of the best ways is if everyone stopped paying to see them in an aquarium.
Keep up the good fight mammasitta.


I try the little bit I can to at least write about this topic here. It's have so much respect for the real big helping and fighting guys like Ric and his team.

Here at the Riviera are also too many dolphins in capture working hard to entertain tourists... It breaks my heart.


This nonsense has to be stopped !!!!!

You got my full support on this. Resteem,


We talk so much about steemit whales but hey let's look at the reality and help the real 🐬🐬🐬☺️ Danke Dir vielmals and also @allyouneedtoknow for the vote and support


🐬🐬🐬 Was this your smile?

Amazing post @mammasitta thanks for getting the word out there fully supported upvoted.


🐬🐬🐬 need us to speak up ! Look at their never ending smiles ! It's so nice of you to support this cause ❤️

Ever since i watched the documetaries "the cove" and "blackfish: i have been against dolphines and killer whales at seaworld and any other place that has them, its very sad that people do that to those beautiful creatures just to make $$$.