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I had my name tattooed on my forehead. I ran over to my neighbour so she could read it. I'm waiting for her to phone me so she can tell me who I am. It's a bit tortuous, but I hope this works.




Wait -- Phone's ringing!

I am Wrong Number.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.



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Call me next time 😁

Come to Fallas in Valencia ... our favorite Festival .. I started blogging about it Steemit!


Oh. That sounds like so much fun. I wish I can go, but hopefully one day in the future :D


Maybe this will convince you:

giphy (2).gif

Because love exists, hatred does too.
None can't eradicate either one. It's all about control.


Indeed. Thanks for sharing such wise words with us @rayne122

and without knowing how awful hatred is we will not know how awesome love is :D


Yes. Just like you said. :D

You love psychology. You know a lot better than me about these. I would be glad to see some posts about psychology :D

Thank you so much @theleapingkoala ..

More Power ..


You are welcome @eceninzz

Let the Power be with us :D

Thanks for sharing. Upvoted!


You are welcome @vegaron

Thank you for your support and activity :D

Always look on the bright side of the life. 🎵🎶

Monty Python


Indeed. The bright side I try to look everyday all day :D


Yes @s3carlo, I hope I will get more power to share with you more love and SBD :D

Keep it moving👏


I will and hopefully you will too @ategun :D

I can't believe I forgot to upvote, comment, and resteem #28. What a bozo I am, tlk. 😍 Not this time... 😘



Thank you my dear @wonderwop for all your efforts and support

Hugs with lots of love :D

Thanks for the initiative


You are welcome @lucentbritex
Thank you for your support and activity :D

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Thanks! ☺


You are welcome @realnairda :D

Theleapingkoala, here I am.


Thank you for visiting again @coinfarmer :D

once again. im in

im in again..I hope


Welcome back as long as you are actively posting good contents @wdoutjah :D


Thank you @joveanz

I hope I will get more power to share with you more love and SBD :D

Have a wonderful day!


Wish you a wonderful week @wandrnrose7 :D

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”
-Joshua J. Marine


Indeed! Very nice quote. Thank you for sharing it here my dear @braveheart29 :D

Make the last days of February good ones!💙💚💛💜

Yet another aching day.


The ache will end one day soon and your talent will be flowing into steemit without any hindrance :D



Thank again. Upvoted!


You are welcome again @chadrona :D

thanks you, upvoted :)


You are welcome @syafrizal

Thank you for being active and for your support :D

Thank you Doc for what you do for us small fish in the steemian ocean 😊💚


Hello my dear @f3nix, You are welcome! I am happy to help small fish like myself so we can grow all together

Thank you for joining the share of love and SBD

Are you back with your lovely wife or still apart?


Still apart... don't turn the knife in the wound hahaha :-P Actually thank you for asking...you are a person that cares I appreciate it a lot! :-)