TOKENOMIX CONTEST - Win MAPX tokens - Round 3 of 10

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The new MAPX tokens were issued recently. To continue promoting the token and to have a bit of fun exploring all the other tokens on Steem Engine, we're starting a TOKENOMIX CONTEST. The contest is scheduled to run for 10 rounds, with a round every 2 days, so will last just over 20 days.

Before launching into the rules, a reminder that full details of the MAPX token can be found at: New MAPX Token for Upvotes and Value Growth.

In brief, each staked MAPX token entitles the owner to a daily upvote, compounded rewards reflected in an increasing token price plus some random bonuses.

Although similar to MAP Rewarder, MAPX offers a low entry cost of just one token, currently about 1 STEEM, compared to a minimum delegation of 50 SP. MAPX also compounds all rewards so that each token is backed by SP; owners can thus accumulate rewards and sell their token whenever they wish rather than receiving weekly payouts.

Enough preamble, let's move on to the rules.


  1. To enter, you must stake at least 1 MAPX token.
  2. All staked MAPX tokens will receive the standard upvote so will gain something even without winning free tokens.
  3. Unstaking takes just 2 days to release all staked tokens.
  4. The contest shall consist of 10 rounds, each posted every 2 days.
  5. Each round shall consist of a question that requires an answer to be posted in a comment.
  6. Each round shall last for 3 days (approximately 72 hours) so that winners do not have to wait 7 days.
  7. The first 10 correct answers from staked usernames shall go into the random draw.
  8. The winner of each round shall be selected by a random draw done online with the result published as a comment.
  9. The winner shall receive 2 MAPX tokens as a prize.
  10. A user may win more than one prize.


Question 3

The Name of this token is an anagram of NEAT ONLINE HACK.

What is the market Symbol of the token?

Also, don't forget that Question 2 will close tomorrow, 17 June.

That's it! Just submit your answer in a comment... and please don't forget to buy and stake at least 1 MAPX token to participate. Existing MAPX stakeholders can obviously just enter.

If I've forgotten anything in the rules, just ask in a comment.


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Are you sure this hint works? Hahaha
I'm struggling with this one

Posted using Partiko Android

Which hint? lol
This is Q3 - should, I hope, be much easier than Q2.

Hint wasnt the right word. I meant the anagram itself. I was only joking because I couldn't figure it out lol

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I think I got it now - AIT ?

Posted using Partiko Android

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

I am not giving away the answer, but note that 3 people so far have the same answer. Now that's a clue - or a delusion! Hope you're enjoying these :-)

Eh... AIT?

I knew this one, even without other people's answers, lol
AIT, for sure. Bumped into it a couple of times while searching for the answer to the previous question

Agreed, there is no other token with the name that could be the anagram of NEAT ONLINE HACK, so my answer is also "AI Channel Token" and the symbol is "AIT".

I will trust the interwebs and the google and go with AIT.