TOKENOMIX CONTEST - Win MAPX tokens - Round 1 of 10

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The new MAPX tokens were first issued about 10 days ago. To continue promoting the token and to have a bit of fun exploring all the other tokens on Steem Engine, we're starting a TOKENOMIX CONTEST. The contest is scheduled to run for 10 rounds, with a round every 2 days, so will last just over 20 days.

Before launching into the rules, a reminder that full details of the MAPX token can be found at: New MAPX Token for Upvotes and Value Growth.

In brief, each staked MAPX token entitles the owner to a daily upvote, compounded rewards reflected in an increasing token price plus some random bonuses.

Although similar to MAP Rewarder, MAPX offers a low entry cost of just one token, currently about 1 STEEM, compared to a minimum delegation of 50 SP. MAPX also compounds all rewards so that each token is backed by SP; owners can thus accumulate rewards and sell their token whenever they wish rather than receiving weekly payouts.

Enough preamble, let's move on to the rules.


  1. To enter, you must stake at least 1 MAPX token. If you do not have liquid funds in Steem Engine, you may transfer a minimum of 1 STEEM to @map10k and 1 MAPX token will be sent to you; you may then stake it as we cannot do that part for you.
  2. All staked MAPX tokens will receive the standard upvote so will gain something even without winning free tokens.
  3. Unstaking takes just 2 days to release all staked tokens.
  4. The contest shall consist of 10 rounds, each posted every 2 days.
  5. Each round shall consist of a question that requires an answer to be posted in a comment.
  6. Each round shall last for 3 days (approximately 72 hours) so that winners do not have to wait 7 days.
  7. The first 10 correct answers from staked usernames shall go into the random draw.
  8. The winner of each round shall be selected by a random draw done online with the result published as a comment.
  9. The winner shall receive 2 MAPX tokens as a prize.
  10. A user may win more than one prize.


Question 1

There is a token on Steem Engine whose name includes an element more commonly found in yellow cake.

What is the symbol of the token?

That's it! Just submit your answer in a comment... and please don't forget to buy and stake at least 1 MAPX token to participate.

If I've forgotten anything in the rules, just ask in a comment.



In case anybody misses to read a sub-comment below, there is 1 bonus MAPX token up for grabs to the first person to explain what the numbers mean in the coin logo shown below by @wesphilbin?

No random draw this time, first full and correct answer wins!

The WINNER of TOKENOMIX Contest Round 1 has been announced... here at TOKENOMIX CONTEST - Winner of 2 MAPX tokens in Round 1.

Congratulations and thanks to all participants. Just 9 more to go and 18 more free MAPX tokens.

Looking at the timestamp on this post, just 2 hours left in the Contest then I'll do the draw.
Thanks to all who have participated so far!

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That's great! Almost 24 hours gone, 48 more to go to the draw.

The Uranium Equivalent - or UE token is run by Dach-Colony as some sort of bridge currency from nextcolony.

Love the idea! Certainly a way to garner interest and visits.

Uranium Equivalent, it looks like a coin from the roman empire times or something lol

I wish there was a way to hide comments so people would have to look it up before commenting. Fun stuff though!

Yes, ages ago used to run maths contests and is always the same problem of how to hide previous answers. I could demand people email the answers instead, though that could make for a dead-looking comment thread. Thanks!

Sent 1 Steem for 1 MAPX token.

I would like to go with the rest of the participants before me, and would like to select "UE (Uranium Equivalent)" as well.


Typically, yellowcakes are obtained through the milling and chemical processing of uranium ore forming a coarse powder...

Have a nice day.

Many thanks! Have sent you 1 MAPX token. Please stake it to receive further benefits such as daily upvotes.

Staked. Thanks.

Wish you a lovely day.

No 10 answers yet, and just in time (I hope).



Took me a second to catch on... needed more coffee...

Yellowcake (also called urania) is a type of uranium concentrate powder obtained from leach solutions, in an intermediate step in the processing of uranium ores


Conversely... I believe the answer you were looking for was...

What is the symbol of the token?

So then:



That almost deserves a bonus token! Just to clarify, though, that "symbol" as used on Steem Engine (and any exchange) is the short "ticker symbol" of 2 to 6 letters. The token logo is something else.

However, as you posted their splendid coin, here is an extra question for 1 extra MAPX token to the first correct answer... what do the numbers represent on the UE coin image?

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