New mining website free 100 gh/s with sign up

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First off i would like to say the site looks sketchy. The numbers just don't add up for them to make profit or any money for that matter. So my suggestion is to sign up and just get the 100 gh/s. Check back in after a few weeks and see if you can cash out. The site is new and will probably run a few months. I will add proof that the site pays. These are not my proofs nor are they from a 100% reputable. I advise you not to invest but do sign up Make sure to use some kind of spam email just in case.
You can get free 100 gh/s for get Doge. lite, or bitcoin.
Here some proof from a week ago from the date of this post. Again these are not mine but they do look like they are from the site so it is paying. For how long is the question. lRw8lkOWQiqQyblkGIH7v0.jpg


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The russian is freaking me out haha, I followed you to see how it goes. Also everywhere else in the world it is GH/s not GHz. Hertz and Hashes are different but that could be translation? Still too sketchy for me to risk it yet.

Yeah i wouldn't invest i just signed up thats all. Also you can change the language in the top right corner.

Signed up under you.... went 60/40 (LTC/HashPower) -

from the FAQ:

Minimal amount for withdrawal is:
USD 1, BTC 0.001, LTC 0.1, DOGE 1000

Ghz !!? lol, it should be Gh/s. Thats should be hash rate not clock speed.

Oops my mistake.

I signed up and what now? how long will my 100 free GH/s last?

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Now you need to go mining in the tab on the left. Which will be 3 lines. Everything will be at 20% you want to put it to 100% on one. Your 100 gh/s last forever i believe. Checking out your post now.

So... Did you mine anything and were you able to withdraw?

I reckon this is just a typical mining pyramid scheme trying to sucker a few into buying contacts which then pay for the limited free contacts.

Or they are just after emails of people who use crypto currency so they can target them for hacking. Once they have your payout address they may also be able to discover other stuff about you by following the blockchain. And they may end up putting spyware or malware on their site to catch the unpatched.

Let's just say I don't trust random Russian sites and neither should anyone.