How Can You Get a Free $10 in Bitcoin?

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If jumping into cryptocurrency sounds appealing to you I want to help you get familiar with ways that you can get yourself a little crypto here and there. So this post will involve a variety of cool ways to get your hands on free crypto and other offers that are not free but profitable.

Need absolutely free crypto? I have two ways for you (why not do both?). Bitcoin Cash provides free crypto to anyone that goes to and sets up one of their wallets and signs up with the site. Signing up with the site doesn't make it the most anonymous option (if that matters to you) but it is free crypto in your wallet at the end.

Another thing you could do is sign-up to JSECoin using this referral link:

Once you're signed-up I'll send you 100 JSE free. JSECoin is not yet on any major exchanges but it will be and it is a promising project.

Bull JSE Ad.jpg

Okay ... Best for last!

Coinbase is the world's most trusted exchange and is fully compliant with governments in the regions it does business including the USA. Right now, Coinbase has the best offer I know of anywhere... They just straight up give you $10. But what do you have to do to get it?

Are you investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? If not, you need to hop on it right now! Why? Because its a buyers market right now, with Ethereum only priced at $220 (from time of writing) and Bitcoin at a little under $6,500. But don't be worried, you can buy mere fractions of a coin and profit, investing no more than $100.

If you sign-up for Coinbase using my referral link you can get $10. If you're not investing at least a little in crypto you probably should be! (opinion, not financial advice) When you put $100 into either Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Ethereum Classic on the Coinbase exchange they'll add an extra $10 to your total. That means you've made 10% profit on your first cryptocurrency investment already!

Don't have a Coinbase account? Use this referral link to sign up:

If you don't use the referral link to sign up you won't get the $10! Use the link...

(Not financial advice yo!)

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it really free? just register? or something hidden?


Hi ee2lyntio could you be specific about what coin you are talking about?

JSECoin is completely free. Bitcoin Cash also offers a small amount for free as well. Its not a lot, but it gets people started in the currency and able to tinker with the technology and get familiar with it.

The Coinbase offer is not exactly free in the sense that you have to buy $100 or more of one of the cryptocurrencies available at Coinbase, but then they give you a free $10. This is technically free, while you do have to buy $100 in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to get that $10, none of it goes away, you could always turn it back into USD if you wanted. But for people that want to invest a little in crypto, Coinbase makes it profitable to do so, because your $100 investment instantly gets you a 10% profit on that investment. (Coinbase fees will lessen the profit a little bit)

Hope this is helpful!


Hi arion! Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy cryptocurrencies. Its the world's top exchange for buying cryptocurrencies and you can use fiat money with debit cards to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin. They have a referral program that offers you the opportunity to get $10 from them in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash if you use this link to sign up: (to get the $10 you first have to buy at least $100 in one of those five cryptocurrencies. Its a great deal because that means your investment already earns you a 10% profit on your investment and Bitcoin is very affordable right now as it is!)

JSECoin is an ICO currently active right now. I have been mining their coin, it is pretty easy to do with your computer or phone. If you have a website you can earn JSECoins when people visit your site, and its all ethically done with a pop-up to let visitors know. They have a nice referral program too, but they don't offer JSECoins at sign-up, I offer it out of my own account because I want more people to adopt the coin. If you're interested in JSECoin sign up using my referral link and I'll send you 100 JSECoins! Link:

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