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  1. To make this fair, only followers are going to be resteem so users must follow this account first to start getting the service.

  2. Users must upvote this post as well as the posts that I will resteem.

  3. Resteem posts will surely get upvotes from this account (I know right now my vote value is low but it will grow high soon)

  4. I will resteem up to 10 posts per day.

  5. For those who didn't get resteem for the day just upvote the posts that have been resteemed. You will receive the same benefits when its your turn.

  6. The users who gives upvotes the most to the resteemed posts will be prioritized to be the next in line.

  7. The links that have been resteemed will be posted on the lists on my next post the next day.

  8. Resteeming will not happen instantly after dropping your link. Your posts will undergo review first before it will get resteemed. So please wait a bit of time. Thanks!


  1. NO plagiarism

  2. Pornography or any other form of sexual explicit is prohibited

  3. Just 1 post per user is allowed per day

  4. Your content must be not more than 2 days old

Resteemed posts yesterday:

If you understand and agree to the mechanics and rules and wish to get the service just remember, > follow @ayerz> upvote this post > give upvotes to the previous resteemed posts > drop your link at the comment section > and get the service to receive the same benefits

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