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RE: Jaguar.Force: History of a FRAUD!

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Hi there. I read this article with great interest and even spent some time looking at the paragraphs in question. I then did an informative post on what plagiarism really is...

I am not sure where you got that 20% figure from - my information from is that any unauthorized/uncredited use of someone else's work is plagiarism. It doesn't have to be word-for-word either. Paraphrased/spun work is also plagiarized if it has not be properly credited (at the very least.)

Plagiarism is a serious problem on the blockchains and harms all of us by making the platform look like it approves of theft - as that is what plagiarism is - theft of someone's intellectual property.

I agree that jaguar could have been kinder in his manner of speech, but having got to know him, I know that's simply part of his language - a jaguar isn't elegant when bringing down a croc... and that is how he has styled himself. He means well for the blockchain - even if he treads on a few toes in the process.

Thank you for your time.


I must clarify that my insults were not unwarranted,
"imbecil", which is the adjective I use in the chat, is the word imbecile
which is etymologycally based on baculus, and means, "he who needs a walking stick to walk", this applied to plagiarism detection, fits perfectly 1 on one with a person that uses duplichecker to detect plagiarism, I hope you can understand the "insults" were not gratuitous.

Don't keep exposing yourself being so ridiculous with your so ridiculous arguments, please Jaguar.

This guy is a character, he thinks we're all stupid.

Hello, @viking-ventures.
A pleasure to meet you and thank you for your reading.
We all know the Plagiarism thing it's is a more difficult matter than we think, but for this purpose, more and more accurate rules have been created and must be put into operation in Steemit.

Talking about that, logic tells us that in order to define something as plagiarism you must meet a series of requirements and, among them, in my opinion and in the opinion of many professionals, you must meet some percentage requirements. Because also logic says that you can not say that a paraphrased paragraph in a 3000 words work it's a plagiarism, although that paragraph could be very similar to the other one.

As I exposed in my article, the actual ratio in Spain it's a 20% and talking about official cases such as PhD thesis, end of degree projects, end of master projects, etc..
Even recently, the current president of Spain was subjected to an anti-plagiarism test for his master's thesis and justice decided that there was no plagiarism because only 14% of the text was equal to others. Justice, I remark again. And they use both, manual and program revision, as I did in these cases exposed.

The same way justice says there is a time limit for the plagiarism to expire, like any misdemeanor, which is between 6 months and 1 year. So, you can't go, like Jaguar does , to a 3 years ago article when someone plagiarized and call him plagiarist, because legally he's not already, because his felony expired.

But I did not this article to really talk or discuss about that: I have the things clear on that respect and many anti-plagiarism projects should have them clear also.
I wrote this article to expose the Jaguar's FRAUD, trying to manipulate the evidence of the cases to make people believe that their searches are accurate. That's the real intention of this article if you read it carefully: to expose the bad ways and the lack of professionalism and knowledge of Jaguar.Force.

He lied to me, manipulating sources; he lied to me, showing me a second evidence (a poem) where no was any plagiarism; he did screenshot different paragraphs (of supposed plagiarism) trying to make them go through the exact same paragraphs because people don't even bother to check them.
That's the real case here.
The danger that supposes to have this jaguar doing some work well (because he sometimes catches some real plagiarism, I'll recognize that) and some work really bad, but with with joy and nocturnality.

We cannot trust a group that catch 4 plagiarism and then lies about 3 more because they want to publish a daily report or because they just don't like the people they're false accusing.

So, as I clear as I have seen their fraud I did want every part of the community to know what kind of people is this people and the danger they suppose for the community if they keep camouflaging very bad practices among some good.

So, Spain has admitted that they can't expect anyone to be free of plagiarism? That's a sad state of affairs. Can't they expect their university graduates to produce their own material?

In any case, I'm not in Spain. Jag is not in Spain. Most of the problem plagiarism on Steem is not in Spain. We are not governed by Spanish law. Nor does the time thing exist for us - it looks like Spain has caved in to the plagiarists because the problem is so rampant there - we should take that as a warning - not as a meter stick for everyone else.

Paraphrased plagiarism doesn't have to be the exact same paragraphs. It's more about taking one source, swirling it around and spitting it back out again - as happened in this case. I did look at the chosen paragraphs and even with my limited spanish, I could see the spinning.

The reality is that any plagiarism on the blockchains hurts us all. It makes us look like we accept spun articles as quality work when they are actually the work of others. We need to be good models, so we (as a community) can attract funding. (I will include Jag with his tact on this one...) If it looks like we accept plagiarism in all forms, then we won't get these people interested in what we're doing.

Now that I'm involved, I will be watching more of Jag's work. If I see fraud on his end, I will call him out on it, (though I will most likely do it privately, not publicly) - knowing that sometimes while fighting fraud, it's possible to occasionally catch the wrong person... simply because one is conditioned to see wrongdoing.

Thank you for your respectful reply.

Addendum: I keep forgetting to give you the link to the post I wrote last night...
Plagiarism - How to Avoid Trouble - Block Cleaning
I choose to fight through education, first and foremost.

I think your reading comprehension is not as good as I would wish so I will not take you (nor to me) more time discussing clear statements said by me than you or Jaguar are misleading after.
And I did it publicly just because it's a blatant fraud with joy and nocturnality made by a supposed anti-plagiarism project that tried to cheat me in the face.

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