"Abstract" Art: Art Plagiarism Case #72 - Caso de Plagio Artístico #72 - @dimitribello

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Source of the Art Plagiarism / Fuente del Plagio Artístico:
Artist / Artista: Gabriel Vinicius

This is Jaguar Force,
Reporting Directly from the Jungle.


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Good work. But in any case, she looks a little constipated. LMAO! 😂

Thanks for the work put into this!

Just an FYI there are still quite a few active @ocd votes on this user including on two different posts that I just submitted to steemcleaners because they were plagiarism as well

Keep it up!! You did a great job! I downvoted his/her post. And basically that was the first post of this human being! LOL

Good catch. I just submitted several other plagiarized posts from same user to steemcleaners.

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