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RE: Jaguar.Force: History of a FRAUD!

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Not considering the alleged insults that were exchanged in "private". So what I'm reading is a flight of privacy. As has been repeated by @viking-ventures, 9 words are enough to be considered plagiarism. If we also consider that the author very often uses similar situations to the original source, assembling only more parts, it seems clear the abuse


The thing here is that they were not assembling any parts. Both girls just paraphrased in a good manner as legit to do it and Jaguar just stated those paragraphs as evidence of assembled paragraphs but they're false evidences.
That's the real case here.
And let me say NO again against your 9 words plagiarism statement.
As I explained in my article, 9 words exactly could happen in common words as "what", "who", "and", "a", "man", etc..
The important thing in plagiarism it's the percentage as in the officisl cases for justice.

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the important thing is that they are not in a row and frankly I do not think we are talking about conjunctions or grammatical forms, but words that make sense...

if you try to look at the situation from another point of view, you will realize that the subjects in question, have taken inspiration from other articles, and not mentioning them makes what they have made a plagiarism.

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