I would imagine it would probably have something to do with the large bid bot vote.

Probably, yes.
Now the poor have no right to receive a large vote even if it is paying for it.
That's sad.

Hoe about instead of paying for a vote, you use that Steem to power up AND actually participate in influencing the ecosystem.

People that just buy votes without powering up seem like they don't really want to have skin in the game like the rest of us.

That's not really something we should be rewarding if we understand the economics of this place.

Hello. You're talking to an user who has more than 20,000 SP Powered Up, between his account and the accounts of his 2 projects and being here for 3 years.
How about don't tell him what he's supposed to do moreover when you have only 5,000 SP and he's not bidvoting often, just in some cases where he wants some promotion for some concrete article.

Yeah after I submitted I checked that. Thought I deleted. Oh well.

But yes, that brought me to you and was curious about the claim of 1500% ROI which I'm all frankness is a bit extraordinary.

How exactly is such a fantastic ROI provided? Guess you got an opportunity for a plug.

If you, @talentclub, are a responsible curator then delegating is a good thing. We need more positive curation that brings talent and thus value here.

Anyways, really interested in that ROI proposition. Would you point me to a link that lays it out?

Hi there again.
The things it's easy.
If you delegate to us an amount between 1 SP and 5,000 SP we assure you a 1500% daily ROI with an upvote from our account.
Example: If you delegate us 400SP, and 400SP actually gives to yourself in your account 0.01$, we assure you a 0.15$.
If you're interested just go through our Discord.

Have you ever wonder that maybe it's you who don't even know what it means?
We're actually multiplying per 15 the amount that quantity of SP gives, so that's a a 1500%.
A pity you are not able or don't want to see it: you will earn more being member in clubs such as mine.

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