Frank Bacon launches 2018 #TYROAN UFO cult -- 6 years too SOON -- (CHAIN)Works

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Project PayhIm 2012 TYROAN - KIAwiki - KIA Invisible Agents TYROAN&oldid=7631
Taken from original on pastebin -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 The Secret is there is NO Secret... "For that Mystery is the Enemy of Truth." Liber CLXXXV A.:A.: Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I loVe. HamleeT|Thelema|LeMat, aCKt ...

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This is the new SteempunkRadio email address:

[email protected]

Our websites are:,
and on STEEMIT at @steempunkradio.
TWITTER: @steempunkradio

Streem can be accessed at any time by going to:

Our goal is to TAKE a scene. Ultimately, this should PlAY for itself. This should be done solely through FUNding. For DJs/content delivery partners, there will be no charge to have a show on our station. As a content creator, you are our CO-CONFIDANT in this WORK. We have additionally applied to @infowars and some other specific content creators.

We have a [BLOCK] ready for your show ON TIME. This is slightly different from our conversation. You should have already received a DJ login and password under separate cover from This should grant access 2 the STEEMPUNK RADIO DASHboard.



Directions for DJs/ Windows:

Directions for DJs/MAC:

Another choice is Nextcast software:

We can set your show to be auto-recorded as part of our service. This we can zip and make available to you from our google drive at ([email protected]). This is at no cost to you and available for your use as you see fit.

You will be following the 10 hour ALEX JONES [BLOCK] from (Time2timE) each weekday. This went live today.

Let me know if you want to get a look around the dashboard. You may be able to log in on your own if you wish and upload music for this Friday. I am here to help.

Thank you.

Most respectfully,



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Join or die

Weekdays - Monday - Friday
8AM - 12PM EST | Real News with David Knight
12P - 4PM EST | Alex Jones Infowars
4PM - 7PM EST | War Room With Owen Shroyer


Because this post is MOST interesting, I have 100% Upvoted it, and then, additionally, Resteemed it. It turns out.


@dakini5d is happy... Good, GOOD!
Excellent. Proceeding as planned.


drive forward and win

Arr, I approve of this message...

If you have already received your login and password, it is very important for you to follow the steps on the email asap. We can't put you in as live DJ time if you have not accepted the DJ hat. Its lovely with plumage. So once you accept, we can put you on the schedule. Until then you are pending. This means you all Friday night lineup!

i just read you post........very nice content

This is a good project that will help to reach out to people out there and touches their lives. Keep the fire burning.

Regards @funkylove

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