J-Wildfire Fractal Fun! 5 More Images To Trip Out On!

in #fractal6 years ago (edited)


It has been 2 long months since I last opened J-Wildfire and I'm glad that I chose to fractalize again!


I thought the above fractal had an element of face in it so I slapped on a hazmat helmet for good effect...


I often find myself tantalized by the symmetrical mysteries of fractals!


That is why I learnt how to create them myself.


Hope you have enjoyed my fractals! If you want to create some of your own follow this tutorial I created entitled: Pimp Yo Banners.



good work !!!

I like the 3rd one with that mask

My eyes hurt 😭.

Just shows how awesome the images are!

Be careful. They are truly trippy fractals 😂

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