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in fr •  6 months ago


1.2.3. say CHEESE !
1.2.3. Smile !
1.2.3. make an ugly face !
1.2.3. be the Presttiest one !

I am Beautiful,
You are Beautiful,
Everyone is Beautiful !
(say that to yourself cause you worth it 😊)

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The enigma of the photo is to know if the shot was taken with this camera or with something else, that's the question :D

@goyard haha yes exactly ! But I won't tell you xD It's easy to guess haha 😋


You're letting me fall into this endless doubt

@ thanh-lam Oh my word, just stumbled on this pic, I have the exact same camera my Dad left me. It is the one I am holding in my profile pic.

My post:



Nooooo WAY !!!! Sooo cool !! :D this camera is really a beautiful one, don't you think so?


Yes it is, I love the old school design they really put effort into elegance and style. I have another one that was given to me by my late Uncle, him and my dad had photo competitions and camera comparison battles, lol.

The other one is a Mamiya MSX 500(1974) I still want to do a post on that one. So I have both of these ancient cameras in pristine condition with their original leather cases and all. One of my prized possessions.

Have great weekend, happy snapping.