Freedom Isn't So Free: My 4th of July Rant

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Are we really as free as we believe we are? People get bent out of shape if they see a kid on the side of the road trying to sell water or if they see a family out having a BBQ. Used to be that running your own business was encouraged and thriving and now it seems that all the big corporations have made that a thing of the past.

The cost of living keeps going up, but the wages don’t. Most are barely scraping by. If you do have to get a new car or some other higher priced item, most of the time you have no choice but to buy it on credit and then you spend the majority of the rest of your life trying to pay off that debt. It keeps you in this endless cycle of being a slave. This is not how the American dream began.

Everything has a law, regulation, and taxes attached. It doesn’t benefit we the people though, it benefits those in power. Oh, they bitch and complain that they only make 250,000 and that’s not a fair wage for what they do. But, the everyday Joe isn’t supposed to want a higher minimum wage.

But, the people in power will sit there and say that there isn’t enough money to fix the infrastructure. Do you really think that we believe that? But, oh let’s go bomb this country and that country. Why is it that parents have to sign a form if they don’t want their children to get vaccines? That should be a choice and if you choose not to, you should not be looked at as the devil. Let’s demonize weed, but it’s ok to go to the doctor and get put on 10 different meds that more times than not, do more harm than good.

What happened is, most just fell in line with what they wanted and “oh, they are here to protect us”. When really, while you are busy fighting over what boxes to put someone in, what labels to give them, and what group you want to hate today…they just sit back, laugh, and get away with whatever the fuck they want. Sound like tyranny anyone?

Freedom isn’t free.

People say that you don’t have the right to bitch if you don’t vote. Voting doesn’t mean shit anymore. It’s just something people say to demonize you for not voting. It used to mean something, but now, it doesn’t mean shit. They already have their minions picked out whether you vote or not. Most in power are “in the club” anyway. They will do whatever they are told.

We are all human beings. We all bleed, we all have struggles, we all have dreams, and we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No one has any right to infringe on any of that. You wouldn’t like it if some random stranger just walked up to you and started telling you what to do, how is that any different for the people running this country?

We have to take a lot of our personal responsibility back. We can’t just blame someone else for the choices that we make. Anymore, everything is always someone else’s fault. It’s easier just to blame it on someone else than to look in the damn mirror and stare at that reflection looking back.

We don’t all have to agree with other people’s life choices, but that is their freedom. The only person that you should be judging is the one looking back at you in the mirror. You shouldn’t be mad because someone doesn’t think the same way that you do. You should be infuriated at the fact that these people in power are wiping their asses with the Constitution and spitting on the forefathers graves. All for money and not for the greater good of the country and its people. Running this country into the ground. What happened to the human in humanity?

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Hooray for capitalism and a system that keeps people poor and squabbling with each other, so they ignore what's really at fault!