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RE: Waiting for my account to be nullified.

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Hive created a new chain with a new name, everyone still had the same amount of steem, and could transact with those.

I bought half a million steem during the last year. Which will, if the rumors are true, just disappear. You seriously want to compare that to a new chain with a new ticker, in which nobody invested before?


Yes. Because they copied another chain. Is this to say that if I copy someone else's English essay, word for word, and just change the title and author, that it is a completely new English essay?

I am sorry that you bought so much Steem, and might lose it. I already said that it is wrong for that to happen. I just wish you would acknowledge that it is exactly what happened to me. It is corrupt on both accounts.

said in the comment above, if witnesses create NEW STEEM as a new coin, it is absolutely legit. They can do what ever they want, and airdrop what ever they want, only one thing has to happen. Old Steem coin must be intact. so if they create new steem, list it on exchanges, make the option to trade steem for new steem, it is fine.

You cannot force them to run a version of the blockchain that you like.

no one if forcing anything. but to do what they want to do, they must create new coin. steem must be here. if they create new steem, maybe i will run the code for old steem. or maybe no one will.

steem must be here

This is if someone has been running the old code!

create new steem
There is no such thing as creating a new one! If you have a fork in bitcoin and the whole community installs the new version of the blockchain, then where the community has gone will be called Bitcoin!

That is what every hardfork does. It creates a new chain. If enough people wanted to, they could run the old version of Steem as another chain. The problem is getting enough people to accept that version of the code as a viable chain. Especially since a lot of the people who would advocate for that would only be doing it to try to sell their stake.

I copied something? When and where?

I am muting you. You are playing dumb. I hope they take your stake so you know how I have felt for the past 3 months. Good luck in the appeals process.

I'm still waiting for proof for the accusations made by you and others. Where did I actively copy something or participate in criminal activity? How did you decide that me, and every other individual, got on that list?

I have no idea. It wasn't my decision. I already said that I don't support what is going on. I am sorry you are going through this. I hope you can understand that the exact same code and strategy is being used against you that was used against me, and I hope that this has helped you to understand how I have felt for the past 3 months. There was no airdrop on Hive. This post has proof. My stake was taken in the exact same manner that yours is about to be taken. It was not right when Hive did it, and it is not right now.

No I don't. I can point to the action that led to your exclusion. It was the action that actually led to the fork. If we would have just carried all your votes over, the problem wouldn't have been solved with the fork.
You cannot enforce a standoff between centralization and decentralization, and complain when decentralization says "well, okay, let's leave everyone who supports the attacker behind and move on". It was your action that made Hive necessary. I'm not the first that tries to explain that to you, and I guess I wrote something similar before myself.

Whatever. They can probably pinpoint an action for you too (maybe it was how you voted too!). Good luck fighting it. You don't have my support aside from not voting for any witnesses running it.

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computer". I think that description is a great compliment because it
transmits the full flavor of liberation: it has assisted a number of our
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You are wrong. Hive is the continuation of the steem, see the witnesses of the hive, they are the same old as the steem.

Run an old version of the blockchain and continue it!