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RE: Waiting for my account to be nullified.

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We will just have to agree to disagree on this one. Again, taking everyones steem would be stealing something you already have. If I start a new blockchain tomorrow I am under no obligation to give anyone anything. Not giving you free things is completely different than taking something that is already yours.

It would be like if I started a company that gave free hats to everyone on Steemit, except for you. Sure, it sucks you don't get a free hat and everyone else did but I am not required to give you a free hat from the company I started. That is completely different than me going into your house and taking the hat you already own.

We might disagree on this issue but I sure as hell am glad we can have a discussion about it. I don't think it is right to censor someone for a difference of opinions. Communicating with people who have different opinions is the only way to at least try to see their point of view.


But your company stole all of the work I did for my company. Your company was even too lazy to zero out the records of my work. Your company just did not acknowledge the products of that work, and said that they gave everyone else free hats for the work they had done for my company. Your company excluded me despite the fact that your company is legit built on the work I did for my company.

If you were in my position, perhaps you would feel differently about a group of individuals copying four years of content, and excluding the stake that represents that content. The transactions are there, and they are fictional. Your company is corrupt.

You do understand open-source, particularly the MIT license, don’t you?

Nothing was stolen. STEEM and HIVE are based on the same public ledger blockchain. You own the keys. It is your content. Copying is not theft.

f I start a new blockchain tomorrow I am under no obligation to give anyone anything.

This is not traditional for blockchain forks. Normally the history of the chain is consistent up until the fork. Even if one is going to fork to their own hacked historical record which removed rewards from certain accounts, then should they not also erase all content from said accounts which may be bringing value to the new chain. No obligation of course yet ethically they seem like vindicitive school boys.