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RE: Waiting for my account to be nullified.

said in the comment above, if witnesses create NEW STEEM as a new coin, it is absolutely legit. They can do what ever they want, and airdrop what ever they want, only one thing has to happen. Old Steem coin must be intact. so if they create new steem, list it on exchanges, make the option to trade steem for new steem, it is fine.


You cannot force them to run a version of the blockchain that you like.

no one if forcing anything. but to do what they want to do, they must create new coin. steem must be here. if they create new steem, maybe i will run the code for old steem. or maybe no one will.

steem must be here

This is if someone has been running the old code!

create new steem
There is no such thing as creating a new one! If you have a fork in bitcoin and the whole community installs the new version of the blockchain, then where the community has gone will be called Bitcoin!

That is what every hardfork does. It creates a new chain. If enough people wanted to, they could run the old version of Steem as another chain. The problem is getting enough people to accept that version of the code as a viable chain. Especially since a lot of the people who would advocate for that would only be doing it to try to sell their stake.