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What is important to make Steem strong? “Communities – not rewards!” That’s the answer many Steemians give. So let’s start to build a foundation with this purpose: Strengthen communities!
Graph DeCentra Steem small.png

How to do so? Decentralised! We are on blockchain, aren’t we? Furthermore, research shows, decentralised structures are the best choice. They are really flexible and effective when people have a common purpose.

What is an easy-to-build decentralised structure? A working circle with 5 Steemians is easily set up, isn’t it? Everybody can do that. For marketing. For development. For business. For charity…. And there you go:

A group of interacting working circles is the decentralised structure we have been looking for.

How to start something like this? Let’s start with 4 working circles. The community elects their members. Circle no 1 – strategy – finds out which direction to go. You can do that together with the community. No central board is necessary. Have a look here. Steemians have already done this! Circle no 2 – funding – takes care that money comes in. First talks will be with Steemit Inc. Circle no 3 – the trustees – are administrators of the funds. They don’t decide. They just take care, that money goes where the other working circles want it to go. Circle no 4 – rules –helps cooperation of the circles works well and newcomers have fair chances to bring forward their ideas.

Foundation structure slide 2.png
More than four working circles would be good? Sure. Five Steemians can set up another one, make a plan, ask for some budget. If they convince two other working circles that their plan is good they can start working. A good plan will fit into the strategy. And it won't take too much funds, maybe even add some.
Foundation structure slide 3.png

Every circle will have to do a post every two weeks. So everybody can check if they are doing a good job. You think, they should do better? Don't just complain. Find four others who think the same way. Ask the circle to do some change. If they don’t, have some discussions with them. If you can’t agree with them, every Steemian active in a circle will be asked to vote on how to proceed: one woman/one man – one vote.

Foundation structure slide 4.png

One purpose! Nine rules! That’ s all it takes to set up a decentralised foundation for Steem – almost.

Three things are missing: you, your ideas and your vote for one of the foundation proposals. (link to be added)

Foundation structure slide 5.png

If you want to learn more about decentralised structures, watch this video. Ask us any question you like. Or read the full proposal post.


The graphics really help visualize your idea.

Even if you don't finish first, if you get enough support for this idea you should advise the winner and even try to push this one through as well as a sort of alternative foundation.

You're completely right. Depending on the polls, it could be worthwhile finding a way to combine centralised and decentralised structures, either having them in parallel or one as a structural part of the other.
For me it's not about being first.-What I'd really like to see, is some blockchain community taking decentralisation seriously and being at the front of innovation instead of copying recipes, which have worked in the past but have a lot of difficulties in coping with our fast-moving world - IMO.

I am intrigued. I still support an alternative, but this is by far the most intriguing proposal.

I suspect that, at the very least, it will demand more discussion.

Thank you. This discussion is something we are really looking forward to.

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Let's take an example to show how it works, I want to develop Nanofilter in Africa and I am looking for 4 partners. If you are interested, pleased add your id to Nanofilter© is producing drinkable water at 10 cts/l

Please explain how this strengthens
communities on Steem?

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How to strengthen our community ?
Why do we want to develop Steem, a new currency ?
How to attract more people ?

The only reason to develop Steem is to build a better world. If you are happy with capitalism, then you will continue with $ and €.
If we want to develop a new currency, in my opinion, it is to build a better world.
What is a better world ? Some may want to play random games with cheaper fees , some would like to earn some money while posting porn pictures ; I do not judge them. According to Taisen Deshimaru, a Zen master, the only way to help people is to teach meditation.

I am ready to make some efforts to help children who are dying from cholera. Developing a new currency has some meaning only if we can reduce inequality between me, who is living in a rich country and have access to a smart phone, an internet connection, enough food and drinkable water from the gorgeous lake of Annecy.

On the other hand, children in Africa are dying from diarrhea and other infectious diseases ; How can I help them with Steem ? I have 2,800 staked Steem Power and this give me the right to produce 0,7 new Steem each day. A Nanolfter cost $150 and could save the live of several children.

So for me, strengthening the community means gathering our strength to save the live of children who do not have access to drinkable water, educate people and develop renewable energy.

I am expecting to convince other Steemians that if we show the good example and if we use the new Steem available for a better redistribution of wealth, them thousands of people who are thinking like me will join the network and will be happy to participate to our endeavor.
Ths is what strengthening our community means to me : it is building a better world.

I can do it alone, but my chance to be successful are small or we can build a team to do it.

This is a test comment to prepare ImpactN's prototype for the United Nations.

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