Deaths in CFS care in Manitoba is a long and unresolved issue...

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Here is an old article from 2006 about deaths of kids in Child and Family Services. Many kids have died in CFS care and they rarely release the names or how they died.

The article was written 12 years ago and kids in care face more dangers now more then ever. These politicians just use the kids in care issue to get votes but fail to tackle the issue. Also the government of Manitoba skims money from the federal government by using kids in care as a means of obtaining more money for them. The article is quoted as "After facing public outrage over the deaths of numerous children killed in foster care, the province announced yesterday it will commission two reviews." And "Nine foster children were murdered in Manitoba last year and a total of 31 children in care have been killed since 2000."

NDP Family Services Minister Christine Melnick is quoted in the article as saying "The death of one child is too many. It's important to review concerns raised over recent developments and to work together to make the necessary changes we believe will improve services to children in care," and "This is not a witch hunt," as well as "These reviews will help guide improvements so we can continue to build a strong and high-quality care system for children in the care of CFS."

It goes on to discuss few cases one of which is Pheonix Sinclaire. Unfortunately Pheonix Sinclaire's legacy is one of fear for the social worker and many good parents have had thier kids stolen from them because of this fear. How many families have had thier whole lives ripped apart because a CFS worker thought this child was going to be the next Pheonix.

Vince Surbey who had an adopted son named Chris die in CFS care at aged 17 is quoted in the article as "Whether it goes far enough remains to be seen," and "I think the reviews can be useful in helping point out where there are problems but it won't get to the root causes" and also "Some procedures might be changed, but they basically have to do an overhaul of the whole system of returning children (to parents)."

So we have known we must return kids but those in CFS and the Manitoba government keep stealing kids from families for money. They take kids from good families by setting up policies like the current take them from the schools policy in which my son was stolen. And then they skim from the monies from the federal government. They fail to protect them and nurture them often returning those children more broken and ill prepared for the world. Many time these children learn a life of crime or prostitution as wards of CFS and yet those that work for CFS wash their hands of this FACT.

We must do more to hold these sick fucks accountable they have done more damage to families then crack cocaine. Someone must do something drastic to turn the tides. Its the only way. Many of those that work in CFS or the Manitoba government are full blown degenerates that either use hard drugs, engage in sex with prostitutes or cheat on their spouses as they pretend to be upstanding members of society. We need civilian operated data bases that track these sick fucks. We need more intel to protect families from this machine called "Child and Family Services" in Manitoba.

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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I support your statement that politicians only talk about these matters when they have interests, in fact I saw a post there regarding a politician who accepted the disappearance of children in the custody of social service but, if he also works for the government I wait so long to make it public, it's absurd

We must do more to hold these sick fucks accountable they have done more damage to families then crack cocaine.

Indeed they take them, do the damage and leave them high and dry avoiding any responsibility. Thanks.

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Important news. thanks for sharing.