Amanda Johnson Interview: Intro to Dash and Steemit

in fort-galt •  3 years ago  (edited)

We're accepting a wider range of cryptocurrencies at Fort Galt and Amanda's here to explain why Dash is her favorite.

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It's funny, even in this interview people miss the point that Bitshares is, at it's core, a DEX. The real currencies are the derivatives like bitUSD etc.

I totally agree with Bitcoin having zero chance of being adopted as the coin of mass currency usage. It's absolutely going to be an altcoin.

I disagree, most people outside of this space have only ever heard of Bitcoin, at first they will be drawn to its stability. Then maybe after all Bitcoin is mined, it will be considered as gold is.


Yeah, bitcoin is like digital gold while something like dash can better be used as digital cash.

Give it time @cryptogee. I feel bitcoin will always be the "reserve" and gold of crypto but as far as adoption for mass usage it will be coins that are easier to obtain and have added all the features and functionality bitcoin lacks.

The alternative would be to have intermediary service providers to facilitate daily transactions while assuming the risk, managing trust/credit, and charging fees accordingly... basically what credit card companies are today.

I have to say, I agree with @cryptogee on this one.

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I thought that Bitcoin will take another 100 years or so before all of it is mined? If it is still around, I am sure it will be much more stable, but then again that is a big IF it is still around.

Great interview. Dash ("Darkcoin" as it then was) was the first coin that got me into cryptocurrencies in early 2014. Whilst I don't follow it's developments as much now, I still believe anonymous transactions has a massive role to play in the future . Love Amanda's blend of enthusiasm and knowledge!

Wow, that's interesting that you got into cryptocurrency via an alt coin, I bet that's not too common. Did you have friends in the space, or did you just find it out for yourself?


Well I first heard about Bitcoin after the price spike in late 2013. I looked into it, but when I heard it was a "public ledger" my first thoughts were 'that's a load of crap, why would I (or anyone else) want my personal financial affairs broadcast for the world to see?' I was also shocked that people thought 10 minutes to confirm a transaction was somehow 'fast.'

It wasn't until a friend put me on to Darkcoin and anonymous transactions that I took a keener interest. It was the only coin allegedly offering anonymous transaction so I bought some Bitcoin to buy some Darkcoin. A couple of months later the Cryptonote coins launched, claiming to offer 'truly' anonymous transactions. Those coins looked a better bet than Darkcoin so I invested in them as well.

Since then, Bitcoin has really just been a gateway for me to invest in other cryptocurrencies. I do hold some BTC, however I think most of the innovation is elsewhere in this space (e.g. like this site).

Thanks Nanzo, that's so interesting, I'm still paddling in the crypto pool, I have to wade in a bit further and start checking out other things. It's really good to be able to feed of the expertise of people like yourself.

I'm going to take a look at Dash and ask @bleepcoin what he thinks; he's my cryptoguru :-)


Amanda good to hear from you again!! I miss The Daily Decrypt, was my news paper of sorts along with my morning coffee. You have the perfect mixture of knowledge and enthusiasm! You also have a knack for explaining these complex things pretty darn well! Good to see you again!

great interview

but now i have one question about bitshares.
quote :: @ 4:50

a completely transparent blockchain with your name attacted to every transaction you ever made.

is this true? if so she has a point. i don't want that.

EDIT: yes true

also i found out bitshares is working on something called stealth.
also read this

Bitshares Munich will be holding a fundraiser for the Stealth project next week I think to get that project finished up. 

Stealth is a way for you to totally anonymize the sender, receiver and amounts with your transactions in 3 seconds or less. It makes using crypto 100% untraceable. Watch the forum for more info on that.

Awesome news! 

Great news, Ken! Stealth is definitely an important feature.

Excellent! I love it! Hi Amanda! Can you please add a description to this blog @piedpiper?


Thanks for posting @piedpiper, really interesting, I think Dash will gain traction over the coming 12 months, I hope so anyway :-).

PS. Damn you're both so good looking! :-0


Ha ha.. @cryptogee you said what I wanted to say but didn't. Lol Ditto!

I know, it felt a bit shallow, but they do make a great crypto-couple! :-D


Thank you!

Good on you Gabe, spreading the word, the more people gravitate here, the best for everyone :)

Nice interview btw. Would you keep them coming? I think it's a great idea.

Sure, I'll see what I can do.

Amandaaa! You made it!

Dash is probably entering in the right time. With mass adaptations.

Checking price... WTF? Why did Dash just hit $9.23? Is that ATH?

Cool, huh? I love the pumps. We had one with Steem a little over a week ago and it was a blast :)

The Steem run was pretty epic. Interesting to see where this Dash run ends up. $9.40 and counting. LOL

I heard someone say that it's going to some place called the "moo" or the "une" or something like that. Who knows. :P

Shillmanda now working for - of course - dash

Gutted that her crypto show ended, is this paid OC or just old footage from her youtube channel?