Daily Forex #20 - Can You Really Make Money Trading Forex?

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First, let's look at some facts. 90% of Forex traders are not profitable. The 10% who do, do you think they make money because they are lucky?

Let me share with you my experience when I first started trading Forex. My journey as a Forex trader started with a $10,000 deposit. Within 2 months, I had managed to turn that into a $30,000 account. I made withdrew some of the profits from the Forex account and a few days later, the money arrived in my bank account. I went to the ATM and withdrew the money and went out for a good dinner with my family. The food we ate that night tasted real. So yes, I think you can really make money from Forex trading.

Of course, as a novice trader at that time, I didn't have any proper system or strategy or rules. I simple entered a BUY if I felt that the price was going up. And if I felt that the price was going to drop, then I entered a SELL. I must have been really really lucky those first 2 months because I made so much real money.

Then came the night when I refused to exit at my Stop Loss and held on to the losing trade hoping that the price will turn around in my favor. It didn't and I ended up losing almost all the profits back to the market.

Those first 2 months taught me a very important lesson in Forex trading. Yes, you can make real money from Forex. And yes, you can also lose alot of money if you don't have a proper trading system and a disciplined mindset.

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