EUR/USD Holding Daily Wedge Support

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EUR/USD Technical Analysis

Let's get back into the analysis, starting of course with the highly topical Euro.

With negative yields and inverted curves smashing European markets as hard as anywhere else on the planet, I'm interested to see how the heavyweights within the block such as Germany, are going to react.

German policy is important and markets are keeping an eye out for whether they will be willing to finally loosen their purse strings and make a move to artificially stimulate the economy. Something they have been reluctant to do, but have now started talking about.

Stimulus would obviously be Euro positive as demand would be artificially inflated by buying assets or whatever path they choose to take.

Now on the flip side, I'm finding it interesting, reading how seemingly bearish, everyone is on the Euro. Well, you know what happens when everyone is short, right? There is essentially nobody left to sell and all that remains are people wishing to close their shorts by buying... at whatever price they can get.

This buying then creates a huge flood of demand and price rips.

With that in mind, take a look at the higher time frame chart:

EUR/USD Daily:

You can see that price is holding higher time frame support nicely.

EUR/USD has both the bottom of that huge falling wedge acting as support, as well as the horizontal level that became a thing after that bullish hammer formed at the previous swing low.

With the above fundamental narrative playing out and price at these higher time frame technical levels, EUR/USD is well and truly in play.

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Today's Economic Releases

EUR Current Account
EUR Final CPI y/y
EUR Final Core CPI y/y

All low impact news events on the calendar today.


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