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I didn't like the condition i saw one of my successful binary students today. She literally lost everything, and have to be selling perfume door to to door to make end meet.

Let me use this example:
You know little money get to people's head and they become arrogant, spread rumors about their mentor , in even in there trading activity , they threw risk management away then blew everything, then will ask people for money to trade on their behalf and blew it in a similar way.. before they know it they in debt , hiding from people, don't even have 1 live account to their name and can't find anyone else who can trust them with money, and can't go back to their mentor whom they supposedly say to be better than in their heyday. That's how people loss everything in trading.

Just used that 👆 as example

So today after seeing this student of mine in such situation had to forgive her whatever bad she did to me in the past.

She still my baby and i still love her and can't kick her while on the ground, the worst part heavily pregnant, i have to take her back , she will be in my long rich legs before the end of the week.

She will make it again under my watch 🤞🤞🤞

Boss lady@women in forex

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