Too soon for Liverpool to prioritise the League?

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Ten points clear with 16 wins and 1 draw in seventeen games, Liverpool FC have made an astonishingly good start to the Premier League season.

It's been almost 30 years since the red half of Merseyside last won the league title, the First Division as it then was. Since then we have moved into the Premiership era, and Liverpool has never had a better opportunity to win the Premiership.

This week, Liverpool begin a spell of games when the League takes a backseat. On Tuesday, Liverpool are scheduled to play Aston Villa in the Quarter Final of the Carabao Cup. Less than 24 hours later they play C.F. Monterrey in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup in Qatar.

The talk has been about what team should Liverpool put out against Villa, given the Club World Cup commitments.

Being a Liverpool supporter I'd love to see Jurgen Klopp rest our first-team players for both tournaments.

The Club World Cup and the Carabao Cup are small potatoes when compared to the prospect of Liverpool winning the league this time around. For me, a bigger game than both these Cup games is the fixture against Leicester City on Boxing Day. Leicester are second in the league. A win at the Foxes will see Liverpool pull 13 points clear with 20 games remaining. Yes, it is almost time to start thinking in those terms.

I get there is a certain prestige of winning the Club World Cup, however being the current European Champions, there is no pressure on Liverpool to win cups for the sake it. I do not know (nor care) who won the last Club World Cup, ditto the Carabao Cup. The only title that matters this year is the one that has eluded us for so long. The Premiership. I hope that that is at the forefront of Klopp's mind when he makes his team choices this week.

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If Liverpool get through starting from now till the start of January without picking up injuries and dropping points then you can talk about title being theirs but even right now they shouldn't be a talking about the title because the real test for Liverpool starts now with the amount of games they have coming.

I think Liverpool have quite a small team and should prioritise this is because if injury hits va major player currently there will be distortion in the team by all means. The League of course is more important, 30 years now and I think the time is ripe. Howbeit klopp might be hungry for all round sucess and this might hurt Liverpool. However I feel the league is in the bags.

I agree with you, it's never done untill it's done. I 100% believe that Liverpool owns the cup but only if Liverpool continues with there great performances they have had from the start of the season. It’s football, anything can happen in die minute, I believe Liverpool has experienced this against AC Milan in the champions league final and against Barcelona in the champions league semi final last year. No overjoy now until it is done. All in all I still believe Liverpool owns the league cup this season, Never Walk Alone 🥇


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I can't lie, Liverpool has been something else this season and I'm truly envious of the project. Arteta gives me the Klopp/Pep vibe and given time, I think we will be competing with Liverpool at the top of the league.

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