Coutinho & Can's fate confirms the magic of Anfield!

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I've been to Anfield a number of times. It's a special place. Much is made of the stadium however it is the supporters that make the place so special.

Liverpool must be one of (if not) the best-supported clubs in the world.

The last Liverpool game I went to was the Charity Shield against the champions Manchester City a couple of weeks ago. It felt like a Liverpool home game. The tickets I had were in the City section yet half of the people around me were Liverpool fans.

The Liverpool support is legendary however as a club, Liverpool has a habit of creating legends on the pitch.

Particularly the forwards.

Look at the current front three.

Sadio Mane, Firmino and Mo Salah. Very good players before they joined the club. Special players now.

In the recent past, you can take Luis Suarez. A very good player before he joined Liverpool became a very special player at Anfield. When he went to Barcelona, he became just one of the supporting cast to the Lionel Messi show.

Fernando Torres the same. He was very good at Atletico Madrid. Something special at Liverpool, only to become a shadow of his former self the moment he left.

Homegrown talents, such as Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Steve MacManaman and even Ian Rush couldn't replicate their Liverpool talent elsewhere.

Liverpool makes legends.

This week, the plights of Philippe Coutinho and Emre Can have made my point.

Can arrived at Liverpool as a player with potential. When he left for Juventus he was potentially world-class now he is surplus to requirements in Turin.

Similarly Coutinho. He joined Liverpool after bring rescued from Inter Milan where he was languishing on the bench. At Liverpool, he became a world-beater, so much so that Barcelona forked out £140m for him. Only a year later he is being farmed out to Bayern Munich.

Both Can and Coutinho left Liverpool thinking they were moving on to bigger and better things. The reality is, there are no bigger clubs than Liverpool. A select handful are on par however if as a player you shine at Liverpool, you'd be a fool to believe your star will be brighter elsewhere.

In recent times, only Raheem Sterling has left Liverpool a top player and kicked on to become even better as a player.

Yet the messy transfers of Sterling, Suarez, and Coutinho have paved the way for the stellar squad Liverpool have now. Thanks largely to astute signings by Jurgen Klopp.

With other clubs perpetually poking around, the fates of Coutinho and Can are best advertisements for why the mainstays in the Liverpool team should remain on Merseyside.

Liverpool is a magical club. With fantastic fans. The grass may look greener elsewhere but on the hallowed turf of Anfield is where good players go to become immortal!

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Wow! Liverpool sounds like a magical place with a combination of nuturing coaches, great fans and memorable facilities. Truly the best combination to maximize your talent, game and perhaps fortune, depending on how you measure your wealth. These things are priceless for an athlete, but often overlooked for something they think is bigger and better. The bigger and better deal may sometimes seem across town or across the pond. But taking care of and appreciating your grass helps it grow just as green as the other side.
Well written Nanzo, strong work. 👏

No doubting Liverpool makes legends really. I remembered Luiz Suarez coming to Liverpool an ordinary striker and he arguably Left of of the deadliest strikers the premier league ever knew. The most astounding factor is that Liverpool hardly lacks for replacement when it comes to them great players. It's basically that ripe time for them to lift the EPL title really I guess 30 years and it's really due, no doubting the magic that anfield can definitely bring. Never set foot there, but on a determind night, Liverpool can beat anyone.

I can't really say that i support any club nowadays though as a kid i supported West Ham then defected to Liverpool when Michael Owen was around lol...

You have a point but Luis Suarez has largely been successful at Barcelona. Emre Can and Coutinho are recent flops that coincidentally left your team to suffer but what about Raheem Sterling that left Liverpool and has become a monster?
I think it is all a coincidence and I know how you feel by the way. As an Arsenal fan, I love seeing Sanchez struggle etc


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Coutinho is just another player at Barca they'll dispose of.

Although, his departure funded the moves for Van Dijk and Alisson, him leaving was the best thing for Liverpool so yeah had he not left he would eventually become a proper anfield legend but their is no denying over the past year the club wouldn't become as strong as they are now with him still in the squad.

I always wanted to play football @nanzo-scoop and I just envy people that could.

Hey @nanzo-scoop will you be going to blockchainlive?

Hey, sorry I missed your message, been away for a while. Missed BlockchainLive, did you go? Hope everything's good.